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3 gorge cate / Yichang characteristic is fastfood

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[fat fish of white Buddhist templeput on the brakes]

Fat fish of white Buddhist templeput on the brakes is a traditional name dish, use south the fat fish that ferry closes one belt to produce and fat fat flesh place evaporate and become, cruelly oppress is fresh and tender piscine soup fat, dish is delicate, former juice raw ingredient, the person that feed by China and foreign countries reputably. On this foundation, still make have the design and color such as fat fish of pearl of embroider fat fish, peony.

[soup of gorge mouth bright phearl]

Shang Shigen of gorge mouth bright phearl occupies the scenery with grand and grand opening of Xi Ling gorge to conceive the delicate cate that makes. Evaporate of the egg white that use chicken makes mouth of Cheng Xiling gorge group mountain peak shape, float at chicken broth noodles in soup, trichromatic piscine bolus makes bright phearl float between Yu Qunshan, its image is clear, be full of poetic flavour. Watch fascinating, savour fresh and tender tastily.

[gorge mouth beans is spent]

The beans is beautiful (call jellied bean curd again) : Characteristic of Xi Ling gorge is fastfood, the beans is beautiful (call jellied bean curd again) it is the Yangtse River the dish with Xi Ling peculiar gorge and delicate and fastfood, because water quality is good, together with is made careful, its beans spends reason with whiteness exquisite, if breed,be like fat and famed far and near. Fabaceous flower and bean curd are same and familial, but have certain distinction again, namely bean curd is caky body, fabaceous flower is half caky fluidity. The beans makes technology beautifully, very exquisite use fabaceous flower piece of beans of stone mill wear first, bubble is invaded in clear water is being put after flay, the fish out when till fabaceous valve expands,becoming white, add clear water to use fine soya-bean milk of stone mill wear, filter soya-bean milk with bag of rough plain white cloth, the oar juice that takes out residue from bean after making soya-bean milk to will filter enters big iron bowl in, after the fire that use flourishing is boiled, authentic enters appropriative cask, tub or canister of pottery and porcelain in, fall plaster of Paris hot soya-bean milk with water of clear to hydrate again inside, the gourd ladle that use wood is blended a few times, about 5 minutes can become fabaceous flower. The flower that feed a beans has 4 kinds to feed a law commonly, because of when because of the person because of affection different. The person with serious internal heat or summer with be being given priority to weakly, do not add any condiments; Winter to be cold is given priority to with feeding the flower that heat up a beans, especially the boat tracker of track, bearer likes most, already full abdomen, satisfy one's thirst, raise temperature again; Another is planted feeding a law is red white alternate with, match condiments namely, with ginger, garlic the raw material such as broken end or green garlic, thick broad-bean sauce, chili, sesame-seed oil mediates Shang Huo uses dolly of green Chinese prickly ash, bright garlic and saline | sesame-seed oil between May blend soup, irrigate on right amount, local color is distinctive, taste salty hot Ma Qingxiang, opening of bright slippery interest, this kind has a way most; of be ignorant of sufferring blueness still has one to feed a law, eat namely sweet, put right amount white sugar, old people also has those who put crystal sugar, clear thermalization is phlegmy, there also is those who put brown sugar in the girl.
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