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Chongqing dish of lake of 10 great river

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Fish of pickled Chinese cabbage: Outside dividing chaffy dish, the dish of all corners of the country that fish of pickled Chinese cabbage may be the earliest popularity is tasted. Although hemp of Chongqing person happy event is hot, this dish gives priority to flavour with acid however, it is the number of a different of dish of Chongqing all corners of the country. Allegedly,

Hot pepper chicken: Popularity is taken at song Le Shan, evolve after for hot pepper chicken a street. When hot pepper chicken is popular, those who hit on hill eats chicken exceptionally grand occasion.

Beer duck: Be in because of what dish becomes a market Chongqing is not little. Because of,6 kilometers of south bank are often beer duck and a formation market. At first, there is side of a few wickets only over there, arrive now night neon lamp ablaze come on stage, population of a few eating house is flourishing, voice noisy and confused.

Spring chicken: Someone says, hill becames famous south depend on spring chicken a street. Allegedly bamboo pole of inn family expenses received spring, leave a kitchen, young chicken abluent, chop becomes small, put into made of baked clay canister, mix into drinks spring water, wear with respect to the cook over a slow fire on fire, little not chili, violet Chinese prickly ash, green skin garlic, huang Laojiang, lose a black Xianggu mushroom that has sent again, with respect to make it spring chicken.

The beans spends a fish: What the beans spends a fish is arisen concern with the bridge. A few this years the bridge repairs Chongqing more, cross river ferry to be used less, boat of some store up changes cafeteria, guest edge eats piscine edge to see Jiang Jing.

Too bring a fish: The county austral out Chongqing Tong too install a town. Began 1994 faddish. But this dish stresses skill quite, it is not easy that copy is risked.

Black river fish: Out weighs area of the hill that celebrate Fu. Wu Jiang is perforative area of river of Chongqing Fu hill, Guizhou, affluent is numerous, get the better of produce all sorts of wild fish, the practice of black river fish is the delicacy of exquisite fish, but it is to breed a fish commonly in the city. Began popularity 1998.

Fish of postal kiosk crucian carp: Postal kiosk of large sufficient county presses down out Chongqing. Began 1997 faddish. Condiment is very much, eat a law to pay attention to.

Mao Xiewang: Magnetism of area of dam of out Chongqing sanded level ground implement buccal guard, one withheld Chongqing the small town of culture of old port city, wool abdomen, blood piece (eel) , duck blood flourishing is boiled together, also be to come from landing power industry, as magnetism implement the mouth is flourishing and hot.

Bullfrog of bubble any of several hot spice plants: Began 1996 faddish. Most beginning is bullfrog, young of cuttlefish of bubble any of several hot spice plants is after, derive series of all sorts of bubble any of several hot spice plants.

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