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Encyclopedia of 3 gorge cate

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Fat fish of white Buddhist templeput on the brakes
This is a traditional name dish, use tiger tooth beach to arrive south the fat fish that ferry closes one belt to produce (answer a fish) with fat fat flesh in all evaporate and into, cruelly oppress is fresh and tender, piscine soup fat, dish is delicate, former juice raw ingredient, get deadbeat of China and foreign countries reputably.
Cliff spot fish

Seam in cliff of the brook between hill only in grow, build is not big, natural disposition is more slow-witted, the name is inflexible fish. The flesh is qualitative fresh and tender and clinking, wineshop faces a brook mostly and build, nearby takes live fish to cook, the deadbeat outside churchyard all is gone to before act name.
Soup of gorge mouth bright phearl
This dish is the delicate cate that according to Xi Ling the scenery conception with gorge grand and grand opening makes. Evaporate of the egg white that use chicken makes mouth of Cheng Xiling gorge group shape of mountain peak high mountain, float at chicken broth noodles in soup, trichromatic piscine bolus makes bright phearl float between Yu Qunshan, its image is clear, be full of poetic flavour. Watch fascinating, savour fresh and tender tastily. This dish is included one of Hubei name course, income " Chinese cookbook " .
3 swim immortal chicken
The father and son of old writer Su Shi of times of fabulous Northen Song Dynasty 3 people swim together 3 swim this course has taken when the hole, feel flavour is elegant, god of bright of the heart after eating happy, leisurely You Zai, happy cross an immortal, because this people calls this dish,be 3 swim immortal chicken. This dish department is burned with sesame oil drench complete chicken reachs on 10 kinds of condiment fire and into, sauce of colour and lustre is red, sweet glutinous is soft tender, former juice raw ingredient, have distinguishing feature very much.
[characteristic food market]
Dam river side lives on the west fish of fish and shellfish as food
Characteristic: Fish of the Yangtse River kills big vivid delicacy to be done now now, mensal buy puts Jiang Bian, the guest faces wine at the same time wind, taste delicate cate at the same time, night is still all right shadow of light of appreciation paddle sound, too many beautiful things. Among them scale of wineshop of ” bright ” is larger, have fishing village color alone, the four seasons all stock all sorts of tough life fresh fish, , gold mealtime frequenter is full, reserve a table ahead of schedule better.

Cling to person a street
Characteristic: Yichang and Sichuan a narrow strip of water, chef of a lot of plain dish will to Yichang run characteristic plain course, ren Shoulu became plain dish to manage gradually collect the ground, spend piscine ” with ” beans especially famed, be called by the citizen ” cling to person ” of a street.

Small area a street
Characteristic: Small area is the main breakfast breed of Yichang person, pattern is various, nutrition is rich. Small area is much with soya bean big bone soup is ground boiling water, impose all sorts of burden, wait like pig's large intestines, beef, shredded meat, omelette, flavour is very delicious, additionally more than 10 kinds of breed such as face of fried bean sauce, hot dry side, acerbity hot side can offer an alternative, it may be said is cheap and fine. Yichang person loves small area, already derived a few street alley that run small side technically now, some do business all the day even, deserve to bloat with each flavour at the same time pickle and dish, bittern dish, with drinking for the client wine samples.
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