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8 names eat the Wuhan of covet making a person

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Heat does the birth of the face

Heat up those who work a side to come out pure belong to an accidental opportunity. It is about 70 years ago, chinese mouth grows bank street to close temple of the Supreme Being to contain the cooked food butcher of a surname plum, because a caruncle grew on the neck, people calls him ” of “ Li Bao. What he sells so is bean jelly and noodles in soup. For years summer, his peddle returns the home after a day in, still remain many noodle. He is afraid of sour, boiled noodle, gain cool on record board on, who knows not to take care to touch turned over sesame oil crock, oily all is spilled on the face. Li Bao is depressed, brainwave easily, mix noodle and sesame oil simply divide evenly, next fan is cool, appear on the market with respect to go off with early in the morning the following day. He pressed the face a few times in water, scoop up put in the bowl to add spice to sell a customer. Somebody asks: “ is this work area? ” Li Bao blurts out: “ heats up dry face ” , noodle of this day sells well than which days, new fastfood was born in accidental accidentally drop.

Wuhan is fastfood 12 absolutely

Chinese emperor scene is the most flourishing, dirt of 20 lis of clamour 1 million

Either article talent pen is big, yan can write each career

Sesame seed San child call dreariness, huang Kouming gong sells small sugar

Blood of pig of boiled dumpling stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup is carried, late at night still have full street rat-tat

Small woman learns rich and powerful family, dream fetch wakes when sleeping to morning

Do up one's hair of wait a moment first premature, oily dumpling of cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste is swallowed simultaneously

Take new provision relatively Chang Tian, photograph of element of meat or fish joins valence Yi Lian

Neck of spadger head crisp goose is soft, fish of lotus root of fabaceous yellow cake is round

Wuhan is fastfood boutique

The dumpling of beauty of the skin of 3 bright beanses that often connects a city, the four seasons, the soup of cook over a slow fire of garden of little a peach-shaped thing, the fabaceous silk that old modest writes down, the heat that Cai Lin writes down works a side, tan Yan writes down boiled dumpling, of suitable sweet house burn a plum, blessing celebrates mixed ground rice, lu Yuanxing's rice wine, stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of 5 fragrant fast,

Round legend of fish of —— of Hubei name dish

The traditional dish that piscine circle is Hubei folk is tasted, meet year of section is festival, on table little not the fish is round. Piscine circle makes period of king of traceable Hunan article. Article king is allegedly ursine endowment when eating a fish, was pricked to block larynx, at once angry behead chef, after this, article king eats a fish, chef needs first behead fish head, pare piscine skin, fish bone of get rid of, chop is fine make adult fish ball.
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