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Cate of characteristic of chaste tree door

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Meal of eight treasures of chaste tree city

Meal of eight treasures of chaste tree city

The meal of eight treasures of chaste tree city in the develop a school of one's own in meal of countrywide eight treasures, after the hutch of a drive that is clear generation formerly comes out from palace, to Jing Zhou the city opens restaurant shedding to hand down. Come more than 100 years, although times more fold, like that the drive board gust of eight treasures meal is not decreased, " of eight treasures of board of person " drive. Meal of this kind of eight treasures uses Mi Ren of red jujube, lotus seed, Yi, Gui Yuan inside, sweet cherry, sweet wax gourd, candy sweet-scented osmanthus and polished glutinous rice first evaporate makes semifinished product, add again white sugar, lardy medicinal powder braise and into. Be called " to come loose again from this " of braise eight treasures. Have an opening in, feel lubricant dissolve disappear, sweet appear flavour, oily and not be bored with, sweet and not tire of, have " then small spoon of simple small cup is fine sample, the aftertaste when be being counted from banquet grows the word of praise of " .

Too division cake

Well-known tea spends mug-up, it is traditional mug-up of Jing Men, already had history of more than 1000 years. According to legend is the place when Liu Jiuyuan of home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of the Southern Song Dynasty holds the post of chaste tree Men Zhijun to love. This cake with essence of life pink, ripe lardy knead close for the skin, flour, ripe lardy for crisp, candy of cake of reoccupy ripe flour, saccharic, sweet-scented osmanthus, orange, peach kernel, wax gourd is stuffing, after figuration of stuffing of classics roll portfolio, become into blast of the float in lukewarm oil. Eat a crisp Song Qingxiang, soft not be bored with, gust having a unique style, ever obtained “ for many times title of ” of high grade product, expert be concerneded is judged article for ” of “ authentic refreshments.

Shang Xiangfeng does chicken

Chicken of airing of still popular brand bloats for tradition of chaste tree door dried meat goods, its headstream but restrospect to Qu Yuan " call back the spirit of the dead " medium “ shows gallinaceous ” , be made with Sun Shangxiang of when the the Three Kingdoms Mrs. Liubei and became famous. This chicken uses microtherm air cooling to do dry technology, the surface shows sauce yellow, the flesh is qualitative tastily, the aftertaste is long. Ever won title of ” of product of famous brand of “ China market, feed law diversity, blame with beautiful of flavour of ” of sweet chicken of edge of “ raw ingredient. This dish airing chicken abluent Pi Chao falls dish, ginger of wine of feed in raw material, green comes into basket evaporate squashy take out Jing Min, behead go up desk. Its colour and lustre is beautiful and easy, chicken empties feel well of sweet pliable but strong, oily and not be bored with, the aftertaste is long, chew more more sweet.
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