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Fruit of character and morals is scooped up land Yichang

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The fruit that Hong Kong stands scoops up character and morals to land Yichang formally, this not big theme dining room other emancipatory cinema is true still individualize, can make us big more full the luck to eat sth delicious.

“ fruit scoops up ” come over from Hong Kong popularity, it is nowadays Hong Kong white-headed white-headed cate. The “ fruit in southern eye scoops up ” to mix all sorts of fruits together with different kind namely, with the meaning that spoon or broach get the opportunity will come to eat. The fruit scoops up a visual beauty and flavour beauty to be put in coequal and significant position, each fruit cate, the fresh fruit that was that day completely, and no matter be,those who eat still is drink, red, green, white, yellow the appearance that waits for color to match together is particularly good-looking, with respect to perfect like artwork, let a person cannot bear the entrance.

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