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Heat of businessman, citizen is discussed " have a public house surely "

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This month, “ Yichang eats hotel and activity of ” of boutique of 10 beautiful meal 50 times to be started formally surely. Show hotel trait with “ , the selection activity that goes to ” of cate grand meeting to give priority to a problem in all got since selection day the heat of numerous businessman and citizen is held in both hands, raised storm of a cate quickly in the our city.

The businessman comments:

Meal course of study is benign the roll booster of development

Chen Ying (general manager of hotel of state guest garden)

The hotel shows the trait of oneself through media come out, citizen ability is understanding of more comprehensive ground, familiar hotel. Not only such, this “ eats hotel ” 50 times to choose an activity surely, still can make hotel and citizen interactive, learn each other between the person of the same trade and communicate, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness. Selection activity will remove huge to urge action to the benign development of Yichang meal industry.

More important is, reveal mobile citizen to be able to know more cate information through choosing, consume the meal to Yichang citizen idea and consumptive habit to produce major effect.

Qu Lou (be filled with fine hotel general manager)

This “ eats hotel ” 50 times to choose an activity surely very be necessary. It is having huge to urge action to the meal industry of Yichang. Of this activity hold, the person of the same trades that are meal bound offerred the opportunity of a communication and study, be helpful for promoting meal to be mixed from the management concept of personnel of course of study management quality. In the meantime, also let each the businessman develops ceaselessly in intense competition and perfect each.
The public praise of “ common people, it is golden cup, it is public letter force more, the ‘ that common people maintains eats ’ surely just is true actual strength ” .

Tu Guangwei (general manager of cheek bonze scene)

This “ eats hotel ” 50 times to choose an activity surely is a great good work to businessman and citizen. Above all, each meal enterprise has respective distinguishing feature revealing, can undertake conduct propaganda to meal company image better, let citizen more, more comprehensive ground know a business, at the same time can incentive oneself are tasted to dish ceaselessly undertake innovating, make more suit the dish of Yichang population flavour to taste. And the characteristic that the citizen knows each meal business through choosing an activity this, undertake can purposefully when repast choosing, change the condition that chooses blindly before.

Deadbeat talks about “ to eat ” surely:

My taste bud, I am done advocate

Smoky quartz (netizen)

“ eats what hotel ” chooses an activity 50 times to hold surely let a citizen have a more comprehensive knowledge to the characteristic of each meal enterprise, the citizen can choose the public house that he likes according to his taste preference. In the meantime, the meal enterprise of hope Yichang can realize the inadequacy of oneself through choosing an activity this, raise food quality to measure, make the service better.
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