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Two-spot can eat charcoal to bake unripe oyster

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Charcoal bakes unripe oyster

This month, the sea land empty public house with famous Wuhan liberates a road in Yichang domestic new name left on cathedral, renown ” of “ Guangdong wine shop, saying is wine shop decorates simple clean however sanitation actually, continue to sell an archives seafood and food of gear another name for Guangdong Province with Wuhan. This hotel took the lead in rolling out par small seafood in Wuhan, bake unripe oyster to give priority to dozen of characteristic with charcoal. Because taste is very pure, price comparing big wine shop and high-grade dining-room a lot of cheaper, accordingly very the reception that gets deadbeat.

The Guangdong wine shop of Yichang bakes the small seafood such as unripe oyster and dish of Guangdong another name for Guangdong Province to give priority to with managing charcoal, practice comes a few days, taste and price got the general self-identity of broad consumer very quickly, formed the trend that has small seafood, the charcoal of this inn bakes ability giving birth to oyster to sell two-spot, scallop a yuan, so a person eats off a dozen charcoal of half to bake unripe oyster, quite common in unripe oyster inn.

In the meantime, the set of food of another name for Guangdong Province that this inn rolls out also takes par course, turn the vegetable of another name for Guangdong Province of higher-priced, high quality scales into the parity that everybody can accept cate, promoted the direction with Xiang Liang sex, healthy market of Yichang low meal to develop flourishingly. Among them “ charcoal bakes gold of unripe oyster ” , “ to burn goose young ” and “ secret to make forked carbonado ” is every desk almost surely the dot, 100 classical another name for Guangdong Province that eat not tire of dish.

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