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3 gorge dish fastens origin

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3 gorge district is Ba Shuwen change blend, be located in Sichuan the eastpart part and Hubei western, the fundamental key of dish should belong to plain dish style, include Hubei actually western this one, resemble Yichang, Wuhan, also belong to plain dish fundamental key.

Actually, the origin that dish fastens and culture are having direct correlation, oral speech soundvoice habits and customs is identical, identical, cate culture nature also has its inevitability, in the final analysis, regional traffic inconvenience produced identical culture. The 4 big food of Chinese that people often says are, that is the cate area that people has painstakingly differentiates, actually, although 3 gorge cate gets plain course the impact is very big, but those who be different from plain dish is select material is reached eat a law to have its place distinguishing feature again.

Plain dish is divided plain east, plain two big vegetable are faction on the west, practice of these two places has some of distinction. From the point of the history, plain east note those who weigh big vegetable to make, a lot of more current dish of popular river government office, if water boils chicken of fish, hot pepper, sweet hot crab, it is from Chuandongde the area sheds get round; Plain on the west criterion with small feed give priority to.

And 3 gorge cate, although be in plain food category, but make, choice of cook, raw material, have a way, still having very big distinction with plain dish, because 3 gorge are having great river of advantaged mountains and rivers-land and rich rich, accordingly, from of old 3 gorge person is backer has mountain, rely on water draft, the Shan Zhen here and river delicacy are the mainest cornerstone that forms 3 gorge cate.

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