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Drop emerald green gorge (4)

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They just gave old forest, meet a deep channel again, there is a python inside, eat pedestrian traffic only. Here already had more than 20 years of nobody to dare be passed. Nose of this day of python stranger odour, lie gladly on channel bank, piece a hematic basin big mouth, saying the tongue like blaze, waiting to protect gorge. Protect gorge to discover python far, made a few cold front of a garment, or else dare go forth. The west that he lives very embarrassedly to the young lady is looked at, looking, see suddenly " Liang Shanbai " with " Zhu Ying stage " Cong Baiyun is seamed in fly, take along sth to sb came the young lady's love song:
"Lang Zhijian comes my annals firm,
Mark comes back heaven and earth sturdily,
The seas run dry and the rocks crumble does not cease to be faithful,
I should wait for your knot happy match. I should wait for your knot happy match..
Love song invigorated the courage that protects gorge, he carries accipitral king on the head on the head, hold tree king in the arms in the bosom, say to monkey king: "Nice fellow, should rely on you now cough up of fight in the van! Should rely on you now cough up of fight in the van!!
Monkey king is climb those who if fly,jump is pugilistic, see it jump to the head of python only, fierce catch the eye that defeated it, attack its the top of head with fist 7 inches of vital part. This fellow aches foolishly to roll chaos to break up, immediately fierce wind blows hard, break off li of bang the tree breaks avalanche. After python chaos places, unbend body died. The ability that protect gorge and associate people had crossed deep trench. "Liang Shanbai " , " Zhu Ying stage " see python is dead, busy fly to tell a young lady.
Protect gorge and " 3 king " security had gone boa king channel, took 3 night 3 days ahead again, climb Gao Ya, walk along lair, come to the side of river of a poisonous water, the water of this poisonous water river, want to touch only, the person goes up with respect to meeting horse kill with poison.
Only accipitral king can fly, protecting gorge and monkey king is impassable, tree king does not have a law more. The poisonous water river that protects gorge to gallop to growl is bemused, do not want to give a tweak, at this moment, the sky appeared again " Liang Shanbai " , " Zhu Ying stage " , singing that love song that young lady take along sth to sb comes to.
Love song increased to protect the faith of gorge, he calls accipitral king to fly to bank first, carry monkey king on the back to the back, to cultivating Wang Shui: "Tree king, rely on you to cross a river. " tree ground is firm he says: "Ask you to be at ease, my posture is lightsome it is the hotshot that crosses a river. Make cost with life namely, also want to let you overshoot the river goes. " person of poisonous leach of the concern that protect gorge cultivates king body, the Wang Xiang that be the same as monkey gives a way, they look for a lot of colophony, on body of Tu Zaishu king, let it carrying next protect king of gorge, monkey to cross a river. Water waves forcibly below tree king, cross thither.
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