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Glossy ganoderma peak (5)

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County too a form of a address for an official or rich man to listen to fly into a rage: "What? Go with him, your county too of father female, how as suitable as him? How as suitable as him??
Old father is wrong! His moral character is exalted, what inapt is there? You everywhere Zhang Bang demands medical service, writing obviously on a list of names posted up, who wants to be able to cure the young lady's disease, you admire silver 1002, young lady betroth and him. You give him only now 502, he however one article money also does not want, of one mind helps a patient for solution, it is to taste really do not be in high riches and honour ah! I am willing to follow such good person to go, what is there bad? " young lady this word, ask county too father replies without the word, it is utterly discomfited only he says: "You... is there still old father in your eye? You should go with him, unless be sunrise west hill! " but he thinks again, daughter disposition is obdurate, cannot come forcedly. Change an attitude archly then, say to the young lady: "Well good, I promise you is. Nevertheless, I should ask God answers you walk along disapprobation together. Tonight, I place 100 poppyhead litter in the hall, you sit a of amid inside. If Ning Yuan can identify the bridal sedan chair that you take tomorrow morning, that lets you go together, otherwise, providential cannot defy. " his face about says to v/arc corvee: "Source sending peace rests to backyard. " then he explains v/arc corvee secretly: "Guard is worn he, forbid him to move one step in disorder, call him early morning will identify litter tomorrow. " be opposite again lady-in-waiting people say " you are in 4 more when, ask a young lady to enter litter. Who wants leak secret, with respect to behead whose head! With respect to behead whose head!!
The young lady is known perfectly well is father play tricks, ornery. But she thinks of, ning Yuan has glossy ganoderma to help, very clever, may admit quite. Ning Yuan, also feel the young lady is very clever, beautiful, kind-hearted, think the young lady does his associate very much. So, of one mind is wanting how to just can identify the bridal sedan chair of a young lady, this did not close a key point all night.
The day should shine, when identifying litter, be about, ning Yuan carries on the arm on package, sash, v/arc corvee is getting him to walk into the hall. That county too father sits in the place with highest hall, say to Ning Yuan: "I am restricted before the strong tea that you drink this cup of scram in me, recognize the young lady's bridal sedan chair, otherwise, blew! Blew!!
Ning Yuan saw him, demur does not have a word, put litter place to look forward, ah You You, in this luxurious hall, turn all round putting 100 poppyhead litter, these bridal sedan chairs are very beautiful, another pattern is same, how does know go out!
In the hall soundless, besides can hear a county sometimes too outside the sound that father drinks tea, what sound is done not have. That county too father drinks a tea, ning Yuan looks round anxiously he is one. Tea, become cool gradually, county too father drinks the speed of tea to be accelerated gradually, really urgent the dead! at that time, listen only " buzz " , fly a bee. The bee turned on peaceful fountainhead circuit, stop on his ear, say gently to him: "Peaceful source elder brother, fasten anxious, you see me fly to which poppyhead litter, that poppyhead litter is a young lady. That poppyhead litter is a young lady..
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