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Strange stone " come to me "

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The ship passes Kong mountain beach, in low water season, can see " is big bead on the rock of " rear, " comes to me " 3 big character. This is boater people 3 words that write with tears of blood!
Because the key inside Kong mountain beach is densely covered, reason flow is rapid and disorder. Face the strange stone of disorder current and Jiang Xin, the boater that does not have experience is left avoid right let, often be borne down on by circumfluence instead cliff, cause disaster. As time passes, boater people fumbled from inside long-term struggle eventually an experience; Sail a boat so far, should aim bow " above all big bead that strange stone of " rear, next the thrust of circumfluence of Xuan of bubble of have the aid of, ability escape key, develop dangerous shoal. This strange stone name comes to me for " " , its test is worn the courage and resource of every boater.
Mention " comes to me " , still have a story that makes a person thoughtful: On December 27, 1900, 39 severe cold, be season of gorge river low water. This day, german luck is unripe annulus enter plain, the boat arrives Kong mountain beach, face dangerous shoal evil wave, the captain is panic-stricken, can find no way out, be forced to convert pilot a ship into a harbour of a China steers a boat. The pilot a ship into a harbour of channel of ripe the Chanjiang River of this know well, according to convention forward " comes to me " leaves. The article comes from at paper gentleman net, reprint ask give chapter and verse for. Foreign captain does not tell the truth in this, consider as China to be destroyed intentionally however, escape blames stone. Very short time, a driving crosscurrent bears down on lucky strange bugle call " 3 bead " , listen to rumble only, ship strike a reef is sunken.
According to historical data account, after reason of this be related happens, make the 3 gorge shipping that just began open, interrupt unexpectedly those who amount to 9 years is long.

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