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Tian Quanfei rain

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On the is in tall cliff of 100 a unit of length cliff in emerald green gorge of drop of old peaceful river, a fountain falls from the hole, the four seasons is incessant, jade of bend bead have diarrhoea, shed fragrant drop emerald green, wave facile and graceful is aspersed, drizzly mist, unkennel is a spring, be born is rain, this is celebrated far and near " Tian Quanfei rain " . The antecedents of this one wonderful scenery, have a wonderful fairy tale.
Fabulous a long time ago, mouth of drop emerald green gorge is living a penates of 10 thousand be linked together collect member outside, he was married 3 wife 6 concubine, always do not have child. Later, be obliged to shirttail cousin plead for mercy for sb, the cousin because children is much, family circumstances poverty, give him to make nursling an adopt a young relative of 4 years old of boys, name call Luo Pan to be born. At first, collect member outside the family is waited for long to be born very pretty good, 5 years old send him to go to school the house reads, because he is very clever, family one's family likes him. Who had known two years, collect home concubine has pregnant personally, also give birth to next boy before long, collect member outside a love is like a beloved daughter, long to be born with to nursling cool detachment look upon. Luo Jia not only stopped to long to learn unripely, and regard him as long-term hired hand is used, the elephantine pig feed that eats everyday, those who work is an ox. Collect member outside be like,be very fond of to young son life, of one mind hopes children will have a bright future, the Number One Scholar in take an examination of, do a magnifico. In the son 6 years old when, he sends a person to be on the half cliff mound in clough of drop emerald green gorge, build a stockaded village of a stone, people calls it Luo Jiazhai, let a son live inside, asked a private school teacher technically still to give lessons, send long to give birth to young son to become book child, grind Chinese ink to make a fire for its, carry water to cook, serve young son.
But, this does not have fountainhead on cliff mound partly, long to be born to want to issue a river to carry everyday, arduous brow, so tired that long to lay one condition a sweat, 5 paces change a shoulder. A day of early morning, long to be delivered of a river to carry water, just arrived by the side of the river bail, suddenly an evil billow is hit, a small red carp is entered by dip in the bucket, long to be born extremely glad, busy load remove pail to answer Shi Zhai and go. The edge goes to want by the side of him: OK today beautiful eat. Go to rest on the way when gas, do all one can of small red carp skipped to come out from the bucket, the article comes from at paper gentleman net, reprint ask give chapter and verse for. Long to lay quick of eye and deft of hand, both hands pressed small red carp, say alone: "Well! Do you still want to sneak away? " the word just fell sound, quirk appeared, see this small red carp is shedding tear only, unexpectedly begin to speak talked:
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