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Water mouth origin

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A long time ago, in peaceful river clough -- Wu Shan and Wu Xi in a little village of two counties have a common boundary, staying in a family, call Wang Wu maly, wive Zhang, raised a son, be called Wang Bao, husband and wife two pairs of this height child, baby gets a nuisance. It is to be contained in the mouth to be afraid of really changed, hold in the arms be afraid of in the bosom flew. When the weather is cold, wrapped with cotton another; The day was heated up hit fan to dawn to him by turns.
The son is gradually grown, can talk can walk, husband and wife two more be very fond of, all day " good gracious " do not leave an opening. What does the son want, what do they give. What thing plays the son be bored with, the ear that has father plays, dad was pulled to ache not to let pull, he cries extortionary go pulling. The woman hastens say: "Good gracious not cry. " glare says the man: "You ah, call what child father collect! Pull ear to play what is there? " such, wang Wu's ear is pulled to get bright red by the son, ache so that get a heart, mo Nai why, be obliged to be being borne ache let him pull, play enough the ear of dad, aing string of 1 the woman's braid has a swing again, ache her eye tears in eyes is beautifully to turn, ride in the shit on her head even, if do not let, wang Bao wants arrogant to cry again, dad listens the son cries, scold Zhang: "You ah, it is what child woman ah, the son plays play, pulled excrement to be able to wash grieve certainly. Pulled excrement to be able to wash grieve certainly..
A day, two belts wear husband and wife the son will to Ning He wash the dress, the son sees a flock of fish in water angle plays, pointing to a small red carp to say: "Be fast! Dad, I want that red snapper, you enter the water scoop up my amuse oneself. " fish be frighted flash into thin air.
"This water urgent wave is big, the fish also got next deep water to be in, call me to you can catch it how? " the one's voice in speech of dad just fell, the son is crying to roll about on sanded dam. As one used to do husband and wife always is the requirement that leave no stone unturned satisfies a son, but at present asks this, it is pose really his dad.
Wang Bao's woman is busy rise hold a son in the arms, pat the silt on grieve body for him at the same time, promise a son at the same time: "Good gracious, not cry quickly, I call the lower reaches of the Changjiang River on your dad horse to catch Yu Wa to play to you. " saying, her face about scolds Wang Wu ferociously: "You resemble a what father, you do not see the child cry such, go down! Catch the fish! Catch the fish!!
Wang Wu is looked at persistently the son of cry, see the wife is scolded badly again, without how, be forced to jump down river, to swim in race, slip into benthic, it is good to was felt, the shadow that connects a fish also was not being felt. He is tired dog-tired, busy get a surface to want to change a tone, firm one appear, the son cries repeatedly ask: "Capture, give me quickly! Give me quickly! " Wang Wu is gotten into water again, inopportune, one fierce billows evil Xuan is hit, he has not enough time to dodge, heavy enter river ground.
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