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Drop emerald green gorge (2)

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"Liang Shanbai " and " Zhu Ying stage " the bird of multicoloured husband and wife that is the lover below Xiao Zhitian, listened to protect the song that gorge sings, fly all round after the hill before circling hill, tell hep magpie the idea that protects gorge, magpie says to them: "On big prosperous town, piece member outside the home has a young lady of 18 years old. Piece member outside the home has a young lady of 18 years old..
This is adv unimaginably thing really, because piece member outside have money situation, which can marry the young lady do not have the man making a surname of situation without money? When protecting gorge to be forced to selling bavin every time, sneak away piece member outside hind outside the garden, forward Lou Ai of young lady embroider looks. Pick a leaf sometimes, blow a lark to make kind of pleasant song. The time is long, the young lady was enchanted by singing, if one day does not listen to protect the singing of gorge, she feels to have a meal not sweet, sleep disturbed.
, protected gorge to fall ill 7 days, did not go up the town will sell bavin, the young lady does not listen to singing, the elephant lost spirit like, all day long gets along absentmindedly. When protect gorge from hind when Xie Er singing is being transmitted outside the garden, she is busy the red gauze curtain that hold up opens embroider floor, extend a head to come look around. Huo! Do not look to stop, look, with respect to the fetch the young lady hook. The boy that plays pleasant singing with the leaf then so grows eyebrow clear key point is beautifully unexpectedly, big and tall and brilliant. Protect gorge to see a young lady, also one's mind is somewhat unhinged, the carrying pole within an inch of on the shoulder slides, the extensive on the face removed blush, in the heart " phut phut " frisk. Spending in his heart confused, how is knowing good when, see the young lady drops a piece of embroider to wear from the window suddenly the handkerchief of design of an affectionate couple.
That piece of handkerchief returns the pick up that protect gorge, hide in unmanned place to open scrutiny. Look at look at, the silk tree bird on that handkerchief ased if to rise alive, stretch wing to come to his start dance. Absentminded, the young lady is taking white sandalwood leaf, ground of affectionately combining feeling goes to him, he feels aroma is tangy, warm sweetness... for a long time, just had answered a god to come. As time passes, he is killed case want to think of disease to come.
Fu of an old fellow like me discovered handkerchief of an affectionate couple, sympathize with a son already, have pity on a son again, placatory he is not cranky. Protect gorge depressed the ground says to parents: "Father mother, this is not Hu Sai, also not be to think in disorder. The young lady has feeling I am intended, the day collapses ground defect difficult depart, although not be that Dong Yong, but female immortal wishs,accompany man! " Fu of an old fellow like me persuades not to turn son. The son begs hard however: "Father mother! Whereaboutldirection member outside seek a marriage alliance, see their meaning fall how? See their meaning fall how??
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