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Glossy ganoderma peak (3)

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But, absolutely of long hair Taoist priest did not think of Ning Yuan is done not have dead. There is incomputable frog in deep before pool, join forces of be of one mind carries Ning Yuan from inside deep pool a surface, just like sit in a small kayak. Among them a green leapfrog says to Ning Yuan's the back of hand: "Peaceful source elder brother, be at ease, we came a lot of associate, everybody is rousing abdomen, squeeze together, protecting you. Protecting you..
Ning Yuan holds frog in both hands in the hand, say to it: "Thank you. Nevertheless, I often cannot live here, must thinks a way! Must thinks a way!!
Frog blinks eyeball says: "Not confused, of meeting can be saved. Of meeting can be saved..
As expected, "Dong " , thick on the body that thick Niu Sheng falls in Ning Yuan, he is captured tangle to go up in the waist, gang Yishuan is good, niu Sheng rose with respect to upgrade. It is flood ox so pulled Ning Yuan mural cliff. Ning Yuan attacks, help up touch so that cried on buffalo back.
Flood ox says: Did not cry, ning Yuan! I save you rise, laborious not at all. Who is what you look to standing then? " Ning Yuan looks up to look, ah! It is white beard old man is standing amiably over. Ning Yuan says: "Great grandfather, I I am sorry you, I helped bad person. I helped bad person..
"I knew, not sad, you still can encounter hellion outfit good person. " great grandfather reminds then: "Want to remember these 4 words: The good person on the world is much, also have false good person, do not save dead ' fox ' , essence of beware of fox. Essence of beware of fox..
Ning Yuan nods: "Great grandfather, can to where ability do I look for my glossy ganoderma? Can to where ability do I look for my glossy ganoderma??
"Can look for your glossy ganoderma there government office of witch brook county. " word of white beard old man falls sound, the person disappeared again. Ning Yuan leaves flood ox, go to Wu Xi.
Original, the tells a county to have a beauty daughter of prefectural government office, plague was born before January, asked a lot of brilliant doctors to be treated bad, get prefectural old master urgently to stick a list of names posted up to demand medical service everywhere: Who wants to be able to cure the young lady's disease, admire silver 1002, young lady betroth and him. After long hair Taoist priest grabbed Ning Yuan's glossy ganoderma, come to a county, saw article of a list of names posted up, treat a disease to the young lady to prefectural government office. This Taoist priest, wicked, removing old ox to think the idea of tender grass. County too father asks him: "You have why medical skill, can you treat me ill? Can you treat me ill??
"I have grass of glossy ganoderma celestial being, can cure the young lady's disease. " say to shine dazzling and dazzing glossy ganoderma.
County too father looks agape, quote Taoist priest to the front of young lady bed. Ground of Taoist priest unable to hold oneself back played glossy ganoderma 4 notes repeatedly to the young lady. He thinks, play two notes more, certain good some faster. That knows, blew twice because of how, the young lady's disease not only had done not have, accentuated instead, ouch ouch call ceaseless, county too father enrages so that take everything into one's own hands lives Taoist priest is loud growl path: "You are over there the bewitching path that come, will make fun of too father! Bearer! Detain goes down to be hit to me! Detain goes down to be hit to me!!
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