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Position:Legend of the Three Gorges

Drop emerald green gorge (one)

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In the past, on the Shuang Longcun below big prosperous town, living to fight each other the senile couple of bavin, genu falls to have a son only. Everyday early in the morning, chicken just makes overdo, old two call the son case, go up together hill makes a surname.
A day in the morning, below beautiful sunshine, an old fellow like me is showing lively expression on Fu face, ground of chant laugh chant crosses in the woods, feel this tree a little while, stroke a little while stroke flower of that individual plant, always hate to part with chop it, do son be baffled: "Dad, woman, you how? Today height went a long time, return empty both hands, don't we make a surname? Don't we make a surname??
Father is visitting a son, moderate land says: "Protect gorge, we hit Chai Ren to also want to love tree. It is they give the mankind sweet beautiful fruit, build the ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state of the room, still drew on lovely birds and beasts, dress up gorge so bonnily, our life is here how good... "
They sit on soft meadow, listen to thrush to sing a song. Father says again: "Remember, a tree wants implantation 10 years, hundred years, chop a tree to want a period of time only. If chop today, will chop tomorrow, meet a beautiful gorge, the loess slope of hew bald. We hit Chai Ren, those who chop is the tree of those worthless. Remember, this is the custom that ancestor hands down. This is the custom that ancestor hands down..
"Young son cuddle wears the neck of dad child say: "I remembered. " this ability pulls Fu of an old fellow like me a son, took axe, carrying a short slender pointed piece of metal to carry, be in towards close Lin Shen. They cut the tree of worthless of and so on of equestrian mulberry, wild walnut, wild apricot only, stay good tree completely.
Fu of an old fellow like me is taking a son, make a surname so every day. Day of with the passing of time is long, they and monkey are mixed ripe, monkey people jump down a tree to help them collect bavin to send bavin, pick wild fruit satisfy one's thirst to them, still send fragrant flower to them... classics monkey people belt bring, the birds and beasts in hill, became their friend. They live in the big family of gorge, free, happy.
The day goes every day, protect gorge not to become aware blossommed a big boy. Associate with of a lot of birds and beasts become he and Lin Li close friend. A day, fu of an old fellow like me hears the son is below tree of a sweet-scented osmanthus suddenly, sing to 3 wild goose:
"3 wild goose fly downhill,
A pair double come a sheet.
Double Ning He goes paddle,
Odd loneliness establishs Jiang Bian. Odd loneliness establishs Jiang Bian..
Old couple listened to singing, consultative path: "Be, should marry son's wife greatly. But live in this gorge, although have a flower, have a tree, have fowl, have Cursors, however neither one girl! However neither one girl!!
Really, live in the gorge mouth with this exiguous signs of human habitation, the girl of whose home wishs to have a rough time? Fu of an old fellow like me makes an anxious, seek a son's wife for the son but difficult where!
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