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Glossy ganoderma peak (4)

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"You treat bad person dead, I also should help good person! " Ning Yuan answers.
"Why to see he is hellion? "Why to see he is hellion??
Ning Yuan said casuse and effect, ask prefectural uncle: "You say, is he hellion? Is he hellion??
"Hum, it is hellion. Nevertheless, you say glossy ganoderma is you, can be then you used certainly? My daughter is sick into death nowadays, can be you treated? " county too father still suspects a bit to Ning Yuan.
"I am sorry, can treat cannot treat again. Can treat cannot treat again..
"Why? "Why??
"Because the world is superior the person is much, also have false good person. Do not save dead ' fox ' , still defend vulpine choice. Still defend vulpine choice..
"Ah, your means does not help bad person, but my daughter is not hellion! But my daughter is not hellion!!
"You say not count, I should be taken an examination of face to face take an examination of a young lady. I should be taken an examination of face to face take an examination of a young lady..
"Hum, can, you come with me. You come with me..
Ning Yuan follows in the county too before young lady bed going at the back of father, say to her: "Young lady, I will to you treat a disease, I should raise a question first, if you answer incorrectly, my face about goes. My face about goes..
The young lady says: "What should you ask me? "What should you ask me??
Ning Yuan says: "The young lady is listening: Which kinds of thing is the most delicious, smell of which kinds of thing is the sweetest, which kinds of thing is the easiest, which kinds of issue is the most difficult? Which kinds of issue is the most difficult??
The young lady says: "Doctor lets please: The thing when hunger is the most delicious, smell of after suffering comes happiness is the sweetest, I is fair before without tickler, slug works all is difficult. Slug works all is difficult..
Ning Yuan says: "The young lady replies very well. I ask you again: What business the world is noisy, what thing falls all over the sky, what business is the most valuable, what thing raises 1000? What thing raises 1000??
The young lady says: "Doctor lets please: Woman weaving the world is noisy, domestic civilian transplants rice seedlings full the world, only laborious the most commendable, hoe be born raises 1000. Hoe be born raises 1000..
The young lady's answer, ning Yuan is well-content, then he took out glossy ganoderma to be blown gently twice to the young lady from the package, the young lady's disease as expected good, busy get out of bed to be thanked to peaceful source salute. County too father is in see aside so scene, pull Ning Yuan a boudoir, simperingly ground says to Ning Yuan: "You are the rare fine hand highly skilled doctor on the world really, I should thank you heavily, admire you 49 silver. Admire you 49 silver..
"Those who thank you is well-intentioned, I do not receive your silver. Wanting me only was to help good person, it is my greatest pleasure. " Ning Yuan says, face about says good-bye should go. At this moment, the young lady was chased after, say to Ning Yuan: "If you a moment ago said, I heard. I am willing to take the world together with you, go helping good person. Go helping good person..
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