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Drop emerald green gorge (5)

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Protect gorge to shake again shake one's head, say: "I do not want to become an officer, also do not want right, do not love the princess of leaf of jade of that gold branch more. I should search treasure to marry that young lady that sends me the handkerchief only.
The girl still laughs slightly, say: "So, you collect grass of glossy ganoderma of one individual plant to 9 dragon peak, ate that treasure, can immortal not old, still can establish the ground to become celestial being. When the immortal, free heavenly palace and heaven and earth are the same as birthday, be the same as with life brightness, much better, why must search treasure to hire the young lady that marries that to send a handkerchief again? Why must search treasure to hire the young lady that marries that to send a handkerchief again??
Protect gorge to shake his head again and again say: "I do not want to become an immortal, I do not love the heavenly palace of visional Piao insignificant. I want to search treasure to marry the young lady that sends a handkerchief then only.
"Be good! Be good! Good faith place comes, inscriptions is. " goddess nods again and again, praise protects gorge, "Then I help sb to fulfill his wishes both of you the fate brings lovers together!
Protect gorge to hasten kowtow do obeisance to goddess.
Goddess gets off a sword, tell him to take the method of 3 rooms content, and hand dance silver-colored handkerchief, go up in their head each stroke 3, say: "After you obtain treasure: Want to stay in gorge, protect mountain forest. " here, see posse cloud and mist is towering only and rise, dian Yu and goddess girl disappeared completely.
Protect gorge and friends to be sung again with joy jump again, decide a clique next " Liang Shanbai " go back to tell a young lady good news first.
Protect gorge to take in stroke on the accipitral king back that celestial being enrages, everybody a part of speech the ground flies. Blink to fly to poisonous water river, give directions by goddess, a big stone is found on poisonous water river, one mouth pecks owl stone, hold give a legendary luminous pearl. Come to Shuang Longxia then, find often cruelly kill of the people alone horny megalosaurus. That megalosaurus sees protect gorge to come, face about is gone to escape in one cave, the head just entered mouth of a cave, with respect to the gorge that be protected flying sword breaks off two, protect gorge to take out dragon liver. One of cave big tiger, see dragon rushs desperately, escape hurriedly unkennel mouth, disease of the eye that protect gorge is swift-handed, one sword result its life, paunch takes out tiger courage. A flying horse sees state, frighten so that do all one can gets to big Shan Yan. This circulates namely up to now " Long Jinhu goes into action put in hill 's charge " fabulous.
After protecting gorge to get these 3 treasure, ride overjoyedly on accipitral king back to take off with monkey king, tree king; Crepuscular moment, legendary luminous pearl emits golden light, from Ning He in the sky according to come down, dress up gorge bright charming is beautiful outside notching, when night flies to big prosperous to in the sky be pressed down, member outside the common people that goes up with young lady and town runs to look curious. When them smooth smooth quietly falls when the courtyard dam of the home outside the member that be in, salvo of strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, member outside personally protect gorge they greeted a sitting room.
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