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Silver-colored nest beach

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Enter big Ning He, give collect door gorge, the famous dangerous shoal that sees Ning He -- silver-colored nest child. Here had a folk song in the past:
"Silver-colored nest child, silver-colored nest beach,

10 boats had opened 9 boats to break up. 10 boats had opened 9 boats to break up..

In ancient time, the someone of riches and honour that north goes comes south, cross this by ship, often produce a boat to turn over a person to die, the accident of go to Davy Jone's locker, in what taking treasures to drop at the beach to enter the water, friend name " silver-colored nest beach " .

According to legend, in collect door gorge, have a pair of old people of year of nearly 6 a period of ten days, do not have below their genu without female, make a living in order to fish. A day of night, granny made a dream, dream of a white snake to come in her home. Have pregnant personally before long, unripe the next is white fat plump young son, old two couplet remember that lucky dream, name to the son " Yin Long " . Yin Longgang is full, parents early or late decease. From now on, he is before gorge mouth village help with farm work of home of boss of a boat, this boss has a batch of wooden vessel to take away the business in Ning He.

Silver-colored dragon ability in swimming is good, hands or feet is deft, pole track all is able. A day, the relatives by marriage of boat boss " avaricious ghost " want the Cong Dachang that build a ship to reach Wu Shan town, send Yin Long they this boat goes sending.

"Avaricious ghost " very rich, wear so that be richly bejewelled, place the model of a rich man everywhere. Come to the boat, silver does used mug, dish, chopstick and spoon, connecting lavatory also is silver-colored. "Avaricious ghost " see Yin Long is worn tatteredly, for fear that thing of this poor ghost spirit away, yin Long sees the bad water in her abdomen, hate gets gnash, but the poor has what idea in that days, be obliged ground of submit to humiliation dies for them.

The following day early in the morning, the boat grinds horny beach too, playing part of mouth of beach of dragon door gorge, the boat is like an arrow all right, face risk of strike a reef, silver-colored longan needle is swift-handed, with punt-pole a bit, the boat although escape from a danger, but drink in cabin,make merry " avaricious ghost " , cannot help doing sth slanted along with the boat, listen only " Dong Dong Dong " ding a few, household utensils of content of the silver on the desk is entered by bend completely in the river. Cruel and unscrupulous rich man is very angry angry, be being insisted readily is the thing with bad punt-pole of silver-colored dragon dot, to cuff and kick of silver-colored Long Yizhen, faint of haemorrhage of nose mouth of instantly silver-colored dragon is in the ground. "Avaricious ghost " boater of shout an order loses Yin Long forcedly on the beach, put a boat to go Wu Shan.
Yin Longsu wakes, lie in the groan on gorge mouth beach. Fortunately, at this moment a You Longwen voice in the river comes, see Yin Long is black and blue, sympathize with him very, hasten he took an elixir of life, say affectionately to him: "Yin Longdi, I am big prince of the Dragon King, river of make one's rounds so far, see brother dies to be aided. Send you a treasure bead now, what will you need to be opposite henceforth treasure bead says, regular meeting gets. " in saying big prince of the Dragon King to return water, disappeared.
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