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Position:Legend of the Three Gorges

Drop emerald green gorge (3)

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Say, protect gorge to get dressed, directly face member outside the home goes. Outside the member that paid a formal visit hind say: "If I press the requirement that you raise, deliver this 3 treasure, hope adult does not want back out oh! Hope adult does not want back out oh!!
Member outside protect gorge mockingly gawkish, before domestic service people say: "I am one character goes out already, of what has been cannot be withdrawn. Be carried hire content, be afraid you are have one's body smashed to pieces, do hard also! Do hard also!!
"Good, wanted adult conversation count to go only! " protect gorge to want to marry young lady heart to cut, went outside the member that say good-bye, when he walks into gorge, the birds and beasts in hill and friends of tree of flowers and plants crowd around, with him in all business good plan. Everybody thinks consistently: Should search take these 3 rare treasures, must go begging photograph of Wu Shan goddess to aid. Follow vie with each other requirement and protect gorge to go together goddess of ask to see, do obeisance to Shi Xueyi, find a treasure.
Before protecting gorge to nod Wang Yi of monkey king, tree king, eagle to be the same as only, go to find treasure.
The following day, the farewell that protect gorge parents, taking " 3 king " forward set out of the east big hill.
Member outside see protect gorge to search treasure to leave, come to daughter embroider building, tell a daughter the thing that protects gorge to propose, which know a young lady to listened to gas to cry, burst into tears the ground says: "Dad, how can you make excessive demands so family? This is to call his God to pick a bit obviously, enter the water gain a month! Give such difficult problem, can call him to have bitter taste, can abandon even go life ah! Can abandon even go life ah!!
Member tegument daughter what one says during a conversation says to get be left without an argument, regret ought not to such create difficulties for sb protect gorge. But he had set out, person wanting a group goes chasing after, also do not know whereaboutldirection.
Hit this day, the young lady often stands in edge of embroider building window to stare the Bai Yun that the sky drifts, longing is her far the Lang Jun that goes finding treasure, did not know to shed the tear of how many sadness, the person is anxious also become pain. A day, the friend that protects gorge " bird of multicoloured husband and wife " knew this matter, busy fly to mouth of embroider building red screen window, sing to the young lady.
"Protect gorge to search treasure to take the end of the world,
Young lady need not tears in eyes is beautiful,
The word says to me simply,
your word pass him. your word pass him..
From now on, protect gorge and young lady, relied on this to obtain wind to blow to bird of multicoloured husband and wife ceaseless, rain is hit do not contact in the sky of disappear.
The friend that protects gorge and him " 3 king " , have gone through an innumerable trials and hardships, the steep hill route that took twenty-seven thousand and ninety-four days, come to the Dasenlinli of my day of day of a block, in the forest so black that stretch his hand not to see the five fingers, did not go how old a little while, got lost, can skip repeatedly the monkey king that can jump also does not have method. Protect gorge to sit to sigh, listen to a head to go up suddenly " Liang Shanbai " and " Zhu Ying stage " the mind that transmitted a young lady:
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