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Glossy ganoderma peak (one)

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Once upon a time, mouth of dragon door gorge, have a clever and bright boy, be called Ning Yuan, when 923 years old, parents is killed dead by rich man, he makes a surname along with the hill on the grandfather, next rivers catch a fish, but be less than 3 years, the grandfather contracted heavy disease, without money cure, also died, ningyuan became orphan, he is looking at celestial bright moon sadly, longing for the grandfather that die, often cry late night. He listens to others to say, 9 dragon peak has glossy ganoderma grass, can treat 100 disease. He thinks, I am early know this matter, blame come to hand it cannot, grandfather also won't gone, still can cure all patients, this are much then better!
Ning Yuan is visitting the month that is registered on 9 dragon peak, dark be determined: Must take glossy ganoderma grass in one's hand. Approach 9 dragon peak continuously then, climbing abrupt hill wall be intent on personal advancement, crossed one mountain another hill, cross one mountain another mountain. His dress was hanged to defeat by branch, hands or feet is pricked to get blood dc by bramble. He bites mandibular joint closely, continuously ground is climbed to the height, when he ascends the cliff that on 9 dragon illegally or forcibly occupy, suddenly month is gotten into cloud layer, immediately fierce wind blows hard, hill shakes quake, ground of cannot help doing sth drops issued clough.
Ning Yuan does not know insensible how long, just open hazy eye, see old man of a white beard stands before only, say to him: "Good child, you want to get glossy ganoderma grass, come home quickly to take gaff, I act as a guide to you go together, when taking the advantage of 9 dragon to one's heart's content to sleep, do it, took glossy ganoderma grass to insert gaff over, ability is returned in safety. Otherwise. . . . . " Ning Yuan presses what Bai Hu needs great grandfather to give directions, return the gaff that the grandfather on belt coming home leaves, follow white beard old man to support very quickly. See one individual plant is showing Yin Guang's glossy ganoderma only, evil spirit it is good-looking. He is mad with joy go picking next holding <> in both hands to be in the hand before the ground. White beard old man says to him: "You want to remember: With this glossy ganoderma to the person that after dying, did not bury, play 3 notes repeatedly, OK his bring back to life: Blow twice repeatedly to sick person, can cure disease. You must be made, can help good person only, do not help bad person. " Ning Yuan nods again and again, express to remember well. Suddenly, dodge of white beard old man does not see people.
Ning Yuan returns the home gladly, how to but the grandfather already was being helped by well-meaning villager,bury. He kowtows before grave after doing obeisance to, treat a disease with respect to local peoples of the river that it is peace. Really clever, cure good, he keeps going ahead along Ning He, cured many patients.
A day, go ah go, he goes to one grave ridge of field, see a frog was turning over belly to die, he takes out glossy ganoderma grass, played 3 notes to frog, that frog breaks up slowly rise came, the eye blinks the ground to say to Ning Yuan: "Thanked you to save me, peaceful source elder brother! Peaceful source elder brother!!
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