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Collect door gorge

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Enter the first gorge of big Ning He, lean west on bluff, have a rock that is exactly like a turnip, about one meter long, body white leaf is green, dangerous embed between rock wall, collect door gorge gets a name from this, is this turnip how come?
According to legend, very long a long time ago, mouth of dragon door gorge has the widow of a surname collect, there is a young daughter in front of, be called flower fining jade. Mother and daughter two make a living in order to hit sandals, gather up frequently to be done painstakingly, depend on each other, live the life of poor.
Have a year, peaceful river plague is popular, a lot of villagers be laid up, the mother of flower fining jade is aged put oneself in another's position is weak, also catch a disease sleeps on the bed, do not have money to treat. Flower fining jade digs some of medicinal herbs to be taken to mom, always do not get effective. Visitting a mother one every day angular go down, in heart of small flower fining jade very anxious, knitted brows of all day long tightens a lock. Mom sees young daughter is anxious and anxious, comfort her to say: "Never mind, poor home falls ill, which not be it is good to procrastinate, cross paragraph of time to had been met! Cross paragraph of time to had been met!!
Time day by day goes, mom's disease pulls heavier more, it is very difficult to breathe repeatedly. A day night, flower fining jade sees mom already was to be about to die, volt is beside old mother wail contented cries greatly. Mournful cry, in the gorge of in the still of night, pass there witch hill goddess, goddess was touched, driving pink clouds to extract the celestial being drug that came to be exactly like a turnip to delicate eyebrows hill.
Goddess changes a girl that extract drug, carry goal of a medicine, come collect before the door, knock gently, in a low voice say: "Girl of flower fining jade, did not cry, I am collected for a respectful form of address for an old person came 2 big turnips, already can allay one's hunger, can cure again ill, fast open the door! Fast open the door!!
Luo Qiong flower is busy open the door, in greeting the girl into house, be very obliged the ground says: "Call me how to reward elder sister? " the girl says however: "Need not reward! I have a hope only, these two turnips, one boils your Mom to eat, one is staying to do kind. You plant it in the ground before house, ten million has kept, very convenient henceforth poor. Very convenient henceforth poor..
Flower fining jade nods agreed. The girl says good-bye. Hua Gang fining jade sends her to walk out of gate mouth, that girl is enrolled with the hand, see a golden light is ablaze only, fly to posse pink clouds is holding her floating in the air in the palm and go in a moment. Flower fining jade is alarmed and happy the ground runnings in house, say: "Mom! She is goddess, she is goddess! She is goddess!!
Fine jade beautiful Mom took a turnip, disease became gradually good, the person is rejuvenescent also, hit the shoe that draft to come hands or feet is much defter. Fine jade beautiful girl also ate a bit turnip, grow more beautifully, spend colour month appearance, became Ning He's incomparable belle. She plants herself the turnip below, give the patient of a few cure that do not have money, it is medicine is divided to disease really, it is good to treat. Very fast put out this plague that causes by hunger.
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