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The fokelore of goddess peak

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Fast ancient, precious jade the 23rd daughter that there is mother of Western Paradise king in Chi Gong, the name preciouses jade female singer. She is in violet Qing Que, to 3 yuan of celestial being Junxue got the theurgy with boundless change, be sealed to be cloud China madam, manage only teach celestial being the duty of Tong Yu daughter.
Precious jade female singer natural disposition is good move, over there that kind of loneliness in resist Asgard lives. A day, she is being taken eventually wait for from, left Asgard stealthily, roam the East China Sea. But, the storm that sees the sea when her is violent billows, when causing serious disaster to the world, give Teng Yunxi of the East China Sea. All the way, fairy people fly across 1000 peaks 10 thousand mountain, experience terrestrial wonderful view, good not lively. Expect in the sky come to the Wu Shan with boundless and indistinct making love, see dragon of 12 flood dragon is in however make trouble, endanger people. Precious jade Ji Danu, she is determined to divide dragon disappear calamity for the world. Then, press cloud head, use handle gently to point to gently, but billow of thunder famous Jing, quake hill shakes.
Wait for calm, the body of dragon of 12 flood dragon already turned 12 big mountain, stemmed Wu Xia, clogged up the Yangtse River, make surging Jiang Shui, free to outline of rural, city, one belt turned today's Sichuan into a boundless ocean.
Be processing flood, xia Yu of hero of prevent floods by water control comes to the Yangtse River from the Yellow River at once. However, hill potential is so high, the flow of water is so urgent, use the method of scanty water of cut into a mountain, easier said than done. Just when Xia Yu is anxious extremely when, precious jade the mental place with Ji Weixia indomitable the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty is touched, call out therefore come 6 Shi Chen such as Huang Ma, Tong Jin, theurgy of put to good use, aided summerly Yu Shu to guide 3 gorge aqueduct, make the flood expedite the East China Sea.
Xia Yu is informed goddess to be aided in the dark, ascend Wu Shan, search precious jade female singer express one's thanks to. Hill is gotten to come on, see only at the moment the bluestone that jade of graceful of a graceful establishs; Differ meeting, green petrifaction is a black smoke, wave in the wind rise; Then is formed again all round high official position, falling thick and fast drizzle, you Long, colour phoenix, white crane flies between gorge of chain of mountains... Xia Yu is feeling puzzled, beauty preciouses jade attractively female singer appears suddenly before him. Precious jade female singer says: "Have rendered great service of your prevent floods by water control, but the reason that understands change of the thing between heaven and earth even. "The treasure of yellow damask silk that the frontier says to the edge takes out a prevent floods by water control to use coils send Xia Yu.
Although flood already was administered, precious jade female singer did not leave, she still stand erect is in Wu Shan's peak, show air route for sail a boat, for leopard of tiger of common people drive, agrarian cloud sows rain between humanness, to treat a disease breeding glossy ganoderma. Year answer one year, she forgot Western Paradise, also forgot oneself, turned that goddess that makes a person yearning into the peak eventually; Her wait for from also change a mountain peak, resemble a protective screen, a renown bodyguard, defend silently stand in goddess beside.
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