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Three Gorges tourism industry can break to form a 100 million visitors per yea

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Zhou Zhuo: Three attractive tourist spots of the foreign guests on several aspects of the decision, the first change in the Three Gorges area, the attraction lies in the government propaganda. The second is whether the upgrading cruise ship with international standards, the third is to pay in Chongqing Travel Group, is recovering after taking over the spot. Because the original attractions reception capacity is limited, including the former we are very regular in Wushan, disembark at 9 am to tour the Small Three Gorges, 11 points back for lunch, but one Saturday, there was a landslide across the Goddess Peak to a unilateral release, unilateral release after short-term travel and very popular now, in thousands of guests who come on the ship, so can not Wushan to reception, I will ship to Wushan in 10 hours. This will certainly be affected as the quality of service. Chongqing, together with a few spots within the capacity of all reception problems they encountered in the Golden Week 5 am busy from 12 o'clock midnight, but are not able to meet the needs of tourists, not throughout the year to 100 million people, Jiuzhaigou is 200 million a year, so pretty not beautiful spots in attracting customers to a certain extent, but not absolute, when the 80 than it is now pretty much Jiuzhaigou, but the day only 1,2000 people, 90 I they go once, I think this view can not be compared and 80 completely, and now there are 1,2 million people a day, because he turned it into a very good industry, and before he was just a very beautiful scenic spot, but did not form an industry. We used to be one of the Three Gorges scenic area is very beautiful, but only half of the construction industry as a whole system is not complete, such as from the boat, from the reception, including from the landscape to create, including the promotion and marketing, and so these. Chongqing is now the principal leaders of very great importance, but also spent a lot of financial and material resources, it is slow to bear fruit, including cross-CTS into the future, this may be a process. So spoke U.S. and European markets, as we do in terms of foreign luxury travel, European and American markets is that we now think we have a fundamental and basic, but you rely on him from the economic development of this perspective, then it is not a point of development, the development of point the domestic market. Now many foreigners like the Chinese people to spend money to sit with this boat, so now the ship is very popular within the Philippines, in November we have done in previous years, guests tour the ship will start to go out and do their sales, and now do not have to go out, others to open the seat. Water after 175 meters, this market is relatively easy to start, but the problems we now face is that the consumption level of the Three Gorges tourism does not come up, domestic consumption accounts for the low-end market is a major, high-end consumer, the average price as we have now is about 2000 dollars, this and our European and American markets than there are still gaps. Therefore, from the attraction, if only attraction was beautiful, insurance is not insurance, if the packaging is good, system establishment, forming a very complete industry, such as Jiuzhaigou, we speak of Shangri-La area, Shangri-La area in 2007 first in the country more than 500 billion revenue, we may be only several hundred million of the Three Gorges.
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