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To build the Three Gorges Tourism Golden Yunyang Destinations

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24, Yunyang county party secretary Li Hongyi in the "five Chongqing Yunyang line network media," said the launching ceremony, Yunyang has a unique tourism resources, after some build, can become China's "Three Cannes." The coastal town of Cannes, southeastern France, sea blue, lush palms, mild climate, beautiful scenery, with Nice and Monte Carlo and the three major tourist attraction known as the Southern Europe. Coincidentally, Yunyang, Wanzhou and Kaixian prime tourist belt in the Yangtze River, the hinterland of the Three Gorges Reservoir with the Department, there appears to be a coincidence, Yunyang may be built into the Three Gorges Cannes. As the largest reservoir migration of the people all the county, Yunyang in the tourism industry, highlight its own characteristics and advantages, and to build the Three Gorges tourism golden destination. Yunyang insist to build the city as a scenic, tourism, tourism planning is even based on the layout of the city's high standards. Ridges have been built and the city's most beautiful parks, the city's largest waterfront park, the world's longest stairway and other cities. Tourism resources by building, into the urban ecological and cultural construction, Yunyang not only won the "Top Tourist City" title, also was named in February this year, Chongqing, the only one of two national-level garden city . Urban area will create a combination of environmental governance and Li Hongyi that "the past, people to swim Yunyang tourist just passing through to see Zhangfei, on board to leave, and now, we adhere to the city as a scenic spot to build, Yunyang county has undergone enormous changes." In addition, there are a lot of Yunyang territory's tourist attractions to attract visitors: the Magic Dragon cylinder Karst National Geopark, alpine grassland science subjects as the carrier Adventure; to the volcanic hot springs Gap, Chen Xi SPA salt as the carrier is not the development of the island night Sports Health Tour; to high Poyang Lake Yacht Club, the development of mountain golf leisure travel for the carrier; to Yong Peng Wu, Jiang Zhuyun Martyrs Memorial Hall for the carrier development of red tourism.
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