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Driven activation of the Millennium silence leaves the Three Gorges tourism "w

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"Mountain is covered with leaves like pink clouds, pink clouds reflected in mid-Three." November 31, the Three Gorges in Chongqing, China (Wushan) the forthcoming opening of the Fourth International Festival leaves the occasion, the city of Wushan county into the media off-site interview team to conduct interviews of Wushan leaves the line. Open state daily newspaper, television reporters Kaixian county propaganda department group, led by Vice Minister Li Xiaohai invited to participate in the interviews in this huge lineup. Two days of media from more than twenty counties enjoy a taste of the Gaoxiapinghu staff of the scenery, Wushan leaves of magnificent. Leaves nearby lake elevation 175 meters after the Three Gorges of the Yangtze river water directly lifted more than 10 meters, junction of the Daning River and the Yangtze River is more broad, flat, showing a "Gaoxiapinghu, Red Hill Green Water," the strange landscape. Distant past cliff hanging leaves become tender and beautiful and close at hand, cruise went, leaves may wish to touch the river, mountains and plains of the stunning "Hongxia" panoramic view. Kacha! Kacha! Listen again and the shutter sound, reporters have raised cameras to record the front view. According to Wushan County Tourism Bureau, Wushan area of 10 million mu of leaves, leaves into a piece of 3 million mu of area, the Three Gorges reservoir area where the highest concentration of leaves, especially in the Wu Gorge River Goddess Goddess of the Three Gorges area and the small, little the highest concentration of the Three Gorges area, showing a "million Eagles storied dye," the gorgeous landscape. Slowly and a small tour of the Three Gorges on the Daning River, between the leaves against the background over the hill, the graceful Goddess, the Millennium Cliff, the ancient plank road one by one, such as picture stretching, amazing human intelligence and the magic of nature, but also thanks Heaven's blessing on the Wushan, gave her such a marvelous natural and cultural wonders. "All a soldier" leaves a strong atmosphere Yu-Yi Expressway just opened Yunyang to Wushan, direct and closer Kaixian Wushan counties surrounding the distance, starting from the Kaixian drive to enjoy the scenery along the way, knew a half-hour has arrived Wushan County. The reporters found that Yu Yi Expressway opened to traffic by the opportunity to build a tourism industry in Wushan County, no longer satisfied with a few ticket sales, but to the idea of "Three Gorges" and "leaves" two gold standard, so that cross-border travel to transform into "the purpose of travel . " To this end, Wushan County, apparently spent a lot of thoughts. From December 3rd Festival of leaves a few days time, Wushan County, the entrance from the highway began to create a "leaves climate": toll station leaves dozens of bonsai outside attention, the high is a huge banner with the same highlights theme. Into the city, along the tree decorated, the home store in front of signs reading "Festival to celebrate the opening of the fourth leaves," etc. words, even the little leaves are placed on both Yantan small ornaments, night, street on a variety of lights sparkling, beautiful singing floated from the distant "mountains and the leaves hey, like pink clouds ... ..." seemed to glow, red leaves swaying ears. Small Three Gorges of the Shaogong is already very mature tourist businessman, wearing rain clothes, cape, singing the original ecology of the folk songs, funny chat ten dollars between the leaves of a small pendant that nearly all the boat people willing to dig the pockets. Walking in the streets of Wushan, Three Gorges tour between the small, tourism business people seem to smell the atmosphere of twenty years ago, the taste of Hainan. Very clear, Wushan County, the people who have tasted the sweetness from the red leaves, red leaves festival sessions so that their awareness of the concept of closure and say goodbye to the original remote. Section 2007 of the first leaves in Wushan since the opening section of the first three leaves had received 37.1 million domestic and overseas tourists, a record 1.5 billion direct tourist revenue, completely changed in the past winter low season for tourism industry is saying, not only with the fire of the Wushan tourism, but also reinforces the Three Gorges Tourism warm winters. Year by year the remains of the Three Gorges in Wushan leaves transformed into today's low cost has a long history of tourism and cultural resources, can not but say, silence leaves thousands of Wushan was successfully activated. Baibiweixia Wushan could do better Of course, Wushan can do better. Safety worries. Visit the Small Three Gorges, the small wooden boat while traveling nearly twenty people on board, except the guests were outside the only one punt. Although life jackets in the body, but the deep and inscrutable, some journalists fear that if the danger of accidents, whether it be guaranteed to be foolproof. In addition, the procedures in the reception, there are some omissions, the press corps with the cruise ship one day not even water to drink, canteen no operation; climbing stone steps to see Goddess thousands of very labor-intensive steps, along the canteen seems no trace of the tourists some frustration. It is understood that a series of measures to be taken in Wushan County, improve tourist facilities, I believe the current oversight is only temporary Baibiweixia. As Deputy Minister of Kaixian county propaganda Li Xiaohai said, given the success of Wushan section leaves a lot of thought and enlightenment Kai County, up to the county to build the "three-color travel section" of the occasion, the successful experience of Wushan learning from each other, combining the actual local logistics Kaixian of great significance.
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