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26 restaurant hold Hubei in the arms the group should compete to foreign capital

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Since January 1, 2008, foreign capital restaurant will garrison China in a large-scale, face the powerful wallop of economy hotel and hotel of brand of fast star class, hubei saves partial hotel to choose to join Hubei to save branch of travel society restaurant in succession, “ holds posse ” in the arms to answer good luck and challenge. 10 days, the reporter learns, up to in December, again 26 restaurant join Hubei to save travel society this year.

Silver of standing vice-chairman Chen Qing introduces society of Hubei province travel, in recent years, hubei saves tourism to step development drive, travel serves a system to be perfected further, at present astral class restaurant achieves many 560. Since January 1, 2008, according to WTO agreement, restaurant of foreign capital brand enters Chinese doorsill to reduce, the ” of big shop sign of “ of international hotel industry such as 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers attacks in force Wuhan, add economy hotel in succession layout, this lets monomer restaurant be attacked front and rear.

Face hotel industry may new “ shuffles the enormous pressure of ” , hubei saves many restaurant to choose to join “ to hold round ” accept a challenge in the arms. Up to in December, again 26 restaurant join Hubei to save branch of travel society restaurant this year.

According to introducing, current, hubei saves restaurant of astral stage travel to already amounted to more than 560, member of travel restaurant branch 138, in the meantime, a few have the enterprise of associated industry to also become a member with tourism.

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