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Yichang hotel industry cancels a lot of " one-time "

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On June 7, yichang city starts green travel restaurant to establish an activity in the round, one year the restaurant of travel star class of above can apply for Yichang city assess.

“ is in same restaurant lived 3 days, I used 3 appliance that wash gargle! ” yesterday afternoon, the reporter is in Yichang encounters China of Henan passenger week at the door long-distance station, he introduces, oneself smooth in the city zone hill highway during some restaurant lodges, can use new goods every day.

Relevant controller introduces bureau of Yichang city tourism, this kind looks to seem healthful way and cannot be taken, managing environmental protection restaurant expands the increase production with low investment of will progressively promotion, low consumption, cost-effective Yichang mode. According to the requirement that establishs green restaurant, restaurant should be used energy-saving model illume controls a system; Use the washing powder that do not have phosphor; Ground of the afforest outdoor occupies restaurant to always cover an area of the 50% above of the area; Beneficial to human body greenery is placed inside guest room and toilet; Things can accomplish the guest such as cap of tooth brush, comb, slipper, bath for many times to use, do not use one-time wash pocket; Dining-room and outside sell wait to be not used cannot the expanded plastics messtin of degradation, do not use ligneous one-time chopstick, do not use hard the one-time tableware of degradation, do not use one-time wet towel; Do not purchase, the feral protection animal that sell and machines a country to prohibit selling.

Additional, if restaurant is caused what environmental noise pollution causes place community dweller is written complain, will be buckled to divide in assess.

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