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Economy hotel makes money two native land brands brew difficult Wuhan pass on

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Last week, a famous economy of domestic hotel exposes to the sun piece head meet with the message of deficit, let Wuhan relevant personage was hit inside course of study cold quiver. At present, the day of industry of Wuhan economy hotel is uneasy also, cost rises, enter rate glide, at least already 2 native land brands are in brew pass on.

Yesterday, controller of some economy hotel discloses this locality, begin from the year before last year, of all kinds economy hotel gathers together in succession Wuhan, competition begins intense. At the beginning of last year he reduced every house price 20-30 yuan. Earlier, enter rate achieve 80% , but from last year second half of the year rises, the guest decreases apparently.

Personage of another economy hotel says, predict this year second half of the year, economy hotel is managed occurrence watershed, because operation cost will rise 20-30% , this is current gain level almost. When arriving, the sort of “ should open business only, gold the dreamy situation of ten thousand and two ” , will come to an end.

According to this personage analysis, building of Wuhan majority economy hotel is leased, every other 3-5 year, chummage is about upgrade attune, carpet, clean is provided wait for establishment to also must change. Inchoate the economy that enters Wuhan market hotel, at present majority is faced with chummage to rise. Additional, after new labor contract law is carried out, labour cost also is rising.

The reporter contacts personage of several economy hotel yesterday, although nobody represent lose money in business, but it is more and more difficult already to all think generally to make money.

According to reporter understanding, if substandard of Lin Haotai ” comes to case of ” of day of ” of domestic ” , “ Chinese front courtyard, “7, “ ,already had 2 larger native land store and “ at least at present chain brand negotiates pass on matters concerned.

Yesterday, the reporter calls some to interlink chief of the division in brand China to seek testimony at this point. The other side expresses, in still negotiating at present, had not talked about approach.

Controller of an economy hotel expresses this locality, chain brand has big financial group or support of venture capital investment more, native land brand does not have this one advantage, fight risk ability very small. Additional, influence of native land brand is minor, when shuffle, produce retreat meaning also be in expected, only store of a few a less known and inferior brand is more miserable. Disclose according to its, two new store just decorated Chinese mouth the half stopped work.

In south Shu Baiyang of professor of college of politics and law of finance and economics says, economy hotel whether make money, cannot treat as the same, a sector of an area and service are deciding the profitable index of economy hotel. Henceforth, economy hotel market will be farther fractionize, if some specializes in business affairs guest, some serves get victory with business travel.
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