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"Green sea " hold a Tian Zhushan in the palm to be away for the summer holidays

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Someone says, the station is growing summit of open season column to see hill, group if hill rises and fall like marine billow of blue, tian Zhushan is like a boat on marine billow needle. Tian Zhushan's flourish forest, make Tian Zhushan is away for the summer holidays mountain villa makes the isle in ” of green sea of a “ .

Be located in altitude the Tian Zhushan on many meters of 1400 high mountain is away for the summer holidays mountain villa, air temperature of hot summer days has 20 to spend the left and right sides only. Outside removing the cause with high height above sea level, return the forest here. Tian Zhushan is one of core areas of park of forest of clear river country. Be away for the summer holidays mountain villa, left is the woods, right is the woods, the woods is on hill, the woods still is below hill. The zoology pace of 10 kilometers swims canal, string together 10462 mus of forests a gleam of. Tian Zhushan is away for the summer holidays the red of mountain villa as string of 1 crural building becomes this 10 thousand green Congzhong is red.

The forest is the “ machine ” that builds oxygen, tian Zhushan is away for the summer holidays mountain villa is a building that is surrounded by oxygen. According to measuring, the anion in here air every are cubic centimeter about 100 thousand. Accordingly, be away for the summer holidays in what by SamSung class guesthouse builds this mountain villa sleeps shut-eye, comparative one night oxygen is absorbed in entering an oxygen to wrap. Just do not want money just.

The forest still shaped countless good small views for Tian Zhushan. Forceful Chinese pine, vigrous masson pine, just cedar, the dove tree of air of arrogance, the ginkgo of of primitive simplicity, hard Tie Xiangshu, cloddish Qing Gangli, handsome day lion chestnut, the Pan Huai of lingering, a variety of 140 tree, you push me to emerge, be like Yun Shihai. Different branch blames a part, can be found everywhere: Tree bridge is like rainbow, shu Gong is like bastinado, the person that lie is like a snake, straight person be like column, music person be like Qiu, if the person that fold is ticked off. The 5 sisters cypress before stone forest, advocate lever horizontal stroke is long, 5 branches lever is erect; On camel cliff female.

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