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Guilin in relief new moon eats surely

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I go to a lot of places wanting to play delicious good. A lot of people complain to Guilin dull. Then I tell you, I just eat in Guilin happy do not consider the home.
Guilin city has surely- -

Ground rice: On riant hall two 1. Stone is written down (best) 2. Beneficial highs (fame of ground rice of this inn horseflesh most flourishing)

(One pink two eat: Eat authentic ground rice to should choose bittern dish ground rice, general of small shop desk on stock oil explodes horn of dry chili, acerbity turnip, acerbity beans, chopped green onion, caraway, but him feed in raw material. Normally the program is to work first eat, be sure to keep in mind to cannot add boiling water, dry eat to just can enjoy thick gravy to mix aroma Hua Shuang of pink. Eat to go up to dip of body of the recrudesce when most soup of half spoon bone, have white with respect to soup right now, solve be bored with already wet one's whistle. Food taken late at night eats if you eat,fry pink hot ask the chili that put sick at heart is good, acid is hot one of characteristic that are Guilin dish. Acid is hot one of characteristic that are Guilin dish..

Hotpot (eat) surely absolutely: 1. The old goat of dragon concealed road (go up by the side of back door of 7 stars park) 2. The igneous sweet sheep near the college of medicine (eat hotpot to eat a stockpot first, eat dry boiler again, first delicate hind powerful, hey hey if your abdomen is enough big. Hotpot 25- - 30/ jin) .

Horseflesh (the brother that loves a horse does not scold me! ) : The horseflesh house at the door Wang Cheng.

Piscine head chaffy dish: Wang Cheng has tunnel of chaffy dish of head of fish of smooth restaurant of a blessing (chaffy dish is in Guilin very general. What a lot of restaurants make is pretty good)

Varietal Guilin dish:

Beefsteak of peak of Tuo of road of 1. general Tuo is very good, it is varietal Hunan dish.

Various chaffy dish: Guilin city no matter the habit that Xia Dong has big gear to have chaffy dish, chaffy dish often with blindly entree, cent is stockpot and dry boiler two kinds, the stockpot pays attention to clear soup raw ingredient, carry the special flavor with entree sweet delicacy; Dry boiler uses green, garlic, chili explodes fry, do not add water, jiao Xiang is goluptious. Chaffy dish price often is controlled in 30 yuan, after finishing entree, general metropolis offers green vegetables, bean curd to wait distribute food. Divide above outside mentioned chaffy dish, often eat still have: Screw chicken chaffy dish, lotus fish chaffy dish, frog leg chaffy dish.

The vegan still can taste feral fungus chaffy dish. Assist the hill precious kingliness on Wu Lu should be worth to try (the) on banyan lakefront, this eating house is various fungus is all ready, his portion lowest 38 yuan, 4 go eating to 6 people more appropriate.

The summerly greenbelt of 2. center square has steak of pure Western-style food, still have Western-style food of varietal Guilin type. Common place (intermediate) : Guilin young (interlink inn a lot of) the good aunt of central square.
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