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Guilin in relief new moon eats surely

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3, ginkgo stews old duck. In order to face laurel most. Long Shang Qing taste is pure after stewing, wonderful is duck flesh still is preserving flexibility. Jiang Zhe takes the old duck Bao of be current, become aware suddenly under photograph comparing fat.

Yang Shuo eats surely- -

Beer fish (best a bit more expensive eat the catfish) that does not have scale: The ground burns the platoon file in market doorway, local with often be twice Laoliao, high most on schedul. Want only actually seeing the person is much, keep toward the collect in lively caboodle right. Hear the most delicious beer fish is promoting level ground additionally. But I go go for a walk searching twice. Estimation is him the work force that digs greatly is insufficient still)

Chicken of clear water earth: Aluminous distant relatively sweep past chasm of carbuncle of Xing Huanxuan Da ┘ depends on? Shui Yan) . Chicken of clear water earth is very pure. The sausage that farmhouse abstains, bacon is taking the agrestic taste of a sootiness.

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