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Colorful amount to came, yichang is be fond of is care

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Hotel of fast star class is spent thick and fast is the crucial index that measures level of prosperity of a district. Vigor of which region economy is sufficient, perhaps have the symptom of a trend that develops flourishingly, hotel of fast star class meets pioneer of appropriative visit district, wrap in the clip of each force and capital below ablaze come on stage.
Colorful amount to, subject whole world one of 500 strong companies get the better of those who vacate a group to fall vacate hotel group, headquarters is set in the United States, get the better of vacating hotel group is global rank first group of concessionary management hotel, own a hotel all over the world 6403. Colorful amount to in China already practice 20, among them 7 are 5 stars, 15 are 4 stars.
Disclose according to message personage: Colorful Da Yichang the square of time of peach blossom mountain on road of volume of Yu Yun of inn general optional location, with restaurant of peach blossom mountain the photograph that compare a shoulder looks, colorful amount to a respect to already developed Shang Runhai with square of time of peach blossom mountain course of study of buy of landed · beautiful adjacent signs comprehensive cooperation agreement.
In the set up shop of 3 lines city beyond city of Chinese provincial capital —— this is colorful amount to first.
This will be Yichang hotel of the first foreign capital, the high end that also will urge Yichang to form a real significance to go up in periphery of peach blossom mountain consumes an area.

Yichang value is reflected
Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, yichang the city zone is only the restaurant of class of a few a few stars such as guesthouse of restaurant of peach blossom mountain, 3 gorge, Na Hubin house. That paragraph of period, ” of “ star class becomes the pronoun of restaurant of a brand, restaurant of class of a few SamSung gains fame immediately, widely known.
As the build of 3 gorge project, yichang city travel warms up quickly, a large number of global tourists come in great numbers. Travel market prosperity drove the driving development of travel hotel industry, astral class restaurant rises like the development like emerge, international big public house, peninsula hotel, collect a batch of high-grade restaurant such as abundant former restaurant to build in succession, for infuse of restaurant of class of star of Yichang city travel new vitality.
According to newest statistic, hotel of Yichang star class shares 66, among them hotel of class of 9 4 stars, samSung class hotel shares 29. Program of travel of 3 gorge university and development research center are standing vice director Han Ruliang thinks, colorful amount to Yichang of such international brand settle, one kind be Yichang value is reflected.
Course of study of buy of beautiful adjacent of · of real estate of sea of profit of business of development of square of time of peach blossom mountain concerns chief to divulge, colorful the market fixed position that amount to is 4 with 5 stars class. Time square and adjacent of look of restaurant of mountain of peach blossom of hotel of Yichang old brand, gather from now on gold region that will make Yichang hotel trade. It reflected the value of time square not only, more the actual strength that reflected Yichang to regard travel as the city and latent capacity.
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