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It is advisable that gorge city guesthouse grows the gardens supermarket public

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Hotel of our city high-grade business affairs adds fresh blood again, on August 6 morning, guesthouse of city of gorge of the city zone follows 4 stars course luck of city of gorge of —— of hotel of high-grade business affairs outstanding full-dress do business, first are saved completely, and even 4 stars, SamSung, 2 stars manage be in harmony of countrywide individual public house the beginning of pattern.

The predecessor of gorge city guesthouse is former Yichang area the first hostel, it is the our city is the same as exclusively with the republic age guesthouse of ” of state-owned “ old name. Gorge city hotel fits market competition actively, invest many yuan 1000 to transform facilities of hotel guest room, facilities early or late, beautification, optimize, bright change management environment, rise recieve class, received in glory SamSung class guesthouse in September 2003.

The gorge city luck that according to international level of 4 stars grade makes outstanding overall start business, the mark wears with luck of city of 4 stars gorge outstanding, new harbor of city of holiday of city of gorge of home of SamSung gorge city, 2 stars, gorge (meal) , gorge city is met (peace and happiness) , gorge city travels 6 greatly child the brand is the park that support type “ supermarket. So far, gorge city guesthouse already grew to eat for collect, live, swim, be happy an organic whole, the public house of gardens type supermarket with Yichang the biggest dimensions, have 348 various in 20 hall of 2 700 high-grade guest room, bed, banquets, banquets include a house, can satisfy 1000 people repast at the same time.

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