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3 units receive in glory industry of our city travel 2007 year whole nation (Hub

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Promote professional culture, reveal young elegant demeanour. The course is layer upon layer choose, recommend assessment, evaluation fair show, recently, industry of our city travel founds happy event of job of young civilization number to obtain special honour, total stage of ministry of antechamber of Yichang international big public house and restaurant of mountain of Yichang peach blossom obtains civilization of youth of 2007 year whole nation again so-called number, group of art of entertainment of travel of 9 Wan brook has the honor to win 2007 year Hubei to save young civilization so-called number.

Name countrywide youth civilization the youth of date and date of civilization of Hubei province youth is collective, it is industry of our city travel the crackajack delegate of broad youth collective and excellent model. They created not ordinary outstanding achievement on ordinary post, oneself value realized in travel servive routine, the recognition that won tourist with excellent competence, high-class service and good credit and society reputably, revealed new period worker of travel industry young person is active up, strenuous enterprising, be brave in the consecratory, brand-new scene that starts new wind and green elegant demeanour. The young collective that wins this title expresses in succession, want to be motivation with this honor, begin young civilization date to establish an activity deep, honesty of post of one's job of base oneself upon works, civilized from course of study, establish those who get used to requirement of socialist market economy to respect the idea such as consciousness of course of study, poineering spirit and quality, benefit, safe, competition, service, show the mental scene of youth of chaste tree Hunan, model industry and enterprise or business the good figure of the unit, advocate professional morality and professional civilization, make larger contribution for the development of Yichang travel career.

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