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Chongqing · the Yangtse River gorge of pond of Qu of 3 gorge ·

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Qu pond gorge is full-length 8 kilometers, the Bai Dicheng of the county that give a red-letter day rises on the west, the big small stream that witch hill county reachs east is pressed down, the landscape is most grand and hilly. Main tourist attraction has the Gu Cheng that give a red-letter day, 8 graphs, piscine answer tower, ancient a plank road built along a cliff, bellows gorge, powdery wall wall, ladder of fine of the first month, rhinoceros full moon. Qu pond gorge, renown Kui gorge. Chongqing city rises to act according to the Bai Dicheng of section county on the west, the big small stream that witch hill county reachs east is pressed down, make an appointment with 8 kilometers endlong. In the Yangtse River in 3 gorge, although it is the shortest, most grand however arduous. Gallop blusterous the Yangtse River, meet the Kui door with illustrious imposing manner into gorge. The mountain peak of Kui door two sides, steep be like,cut wall, unpluggingly and case, surging great river forces a ferret, winding at clough in. Here river is wide have one only, 200 meters, the narrowest had not been in a few meters; And main mountain peak can be as high as two sides 1000-1500 rice. The river with gorge urgent deep water flows here, continuous chain of mountains, formed a very gallant picture scroll. Foam of Guo of no less than if " gorge of pond crossing Qu " cloud of one poem place: “ is like character scenery different, this is 3 gorge chief ” . The famous places and historical sites of Qu pond gorge, much and concentration, sight-seer find sth a great convenience. The upper reaches of gorge mouth has tower of 8 the Gu Cheng that give a red-letter day, graphs, fish answer. Summit of bank of the north inside gorge has the Bai Dicheng with cultural relic very much collect carefully, the ancient a plank road built along a cliff of alarmingly dangerous extremely, the bellows gorge of mysterious Mo Ce; South bank has a problem to cut the powdery wall fence of full wall, abound hole of ladder of fabulous fine of the first month, bonze pouring condole, armature, the phoenix drink spring of pleasant of hole hidden coin. In bellows gorge downstream nearby south bank, have the mountain peak of shape of different of an odd form, by the side of protuberant river, ” of full moon of person “ rhinoceros, lifelike. Give Qu pond gorge, the relics of big brook culture of gorge mouth south bank, it is the place that archaeology worker is interested in most. Be apart from Bai Dicheng only the relics of Du Fu careless hall of a few kilometers, it is the place of poetic enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave more. Picture appreciationQu pond gorge OneQu pond gorge 2Qu pond gorge 3Qu pond gorge 4
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