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Shen Nong Jia of · of the Yangtse River

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Shen Nong Jia is located in Hubei to save western borderland, with Hubei the province protects health county border on east, with Chongqing city Wu Shan county borders on the west, depend on south promote hill, Ba Dong and be close to 3 gorge, north leans on room county, Zhu Shan and close fierce is become, the ground crosses 109°56′ of the east longitude- - 110°58′ , north latitude 31°15′- - 31°75′ , gross area 3253 square kilometer, administer 4 town 4 countryside and 1 forestry management board (national forest park) , 1 groove guard of national level nature, total population 80 thousand person. It is the ward that our country names exclusively with ” of “ forest zone. Ancient period, area of Shen Nong Jia still is a boundless ocean, it is Yan Shan and happy event Ma Laya orogenic movement carries his litre for multistage land, become the more than arteries and veins that bus Shandong delays. The mountain range shows thing way outspread, hill body by south reduce gradually north. Mountain peak is in more altitude 1500 meters of above, among them the mountain peak of 2500 meters of above has height above sea level many 20. Highest peak god farming top altitude 3105.4 meters, for “ China in ” of the first peak. Height above sea level of river of southwest ministry stone column 398 meters, it is the nadir of Shen Nong Jia, the relatively tall difference of apogee and nadir is 2707.4 meters. Shen Nong Jia is the Yangtse River and the watershed of Chinese water, churchyard has sweet brook river, edge to cross a river, south river and block a river up 4 water system. Because this area is located in middle latitude north semi-tropical monsoon area, air temperature slants cool and rainy, altitude every rise 100 meters, season differs 3- - 4 days. Summit of midsummer of “ foot of a hill spring, colourful Qiu Shan of the foot of a mountain carries ice on the head, bare orange olivine looks insufficient, chun Xiaqiu winter divides the true portraiture that ” is climate of Shen Nong Jia the hardest. Because get all the year round the alternant influence of the mainland high pressure of the southeast monsoon of damp and hot and dry and cold, and the adjustment of high mountain forest to quantity of heat, precipitation, form Xia Mo the delightful climate that broiling, winter does not have severe cold. When southern city summer general it is high temperature when, shen Nong Jia is a cool and refreshing world however. Distinctive geographical environment and stereo microclimate, the intermediate zone region that makes Shen Nong Jia makes sort of plant of our country north and south and numerous animal multiply give birth to the alternate region of breath. Shen Nong Jia owns of all kinds plant 3700 a variety of (fungus 730 a variety of, lichen 190 a variety of, brake kind 290 a variety of, gymnospermous 30 a variety of, angiosperm 2430 a variety of, add moss kind can amount to 4000 kinds of above) , among them 40 kinds are protected by national emphasis; Have of all kinds animal 1050 a variety of (beasts 70 a variety of, avian 300 a variety of, amphibious kind 20 a variety of, creeping kind 40 a variety of, fish 40 a variety of, the insect 560 a variety of) , among them 70 kinds are protected by national emphasis. Almost include north from desert river, come south on the west double edition accept, east from Japan mid, what the the Himalayas comes on the west is all use plant species. Shen Nong Jia is the Liu Baocun inside our country in good condition exclusive the ground of treasure of a green with an oasis and only area of world middle latitude. In good condition semi-tropical forest ecosystem maintains exclusively what what it has in area of current world middle latitude, the world-class travel resource of the forestall sex that is the richest characteristic, using plant area is composition rich and colorful, old, peculiar and precious is rare. Gloomy of vigrous and forceful fir, of primitive simplicity is sweet the Tie Jiansha of the dove tree with cliff cypress, elegant Thoreau, elegant demeanour, exclusive one party, branch numerous Xie Mao, block day my day; The beasts fowl such as golden monkey, polar bear, serow, giant salamander and white marabou, white crane, Jin Diao appears and disappear brushwood, circle in the air between day forest. Everything is in that way harmony halcyon, comfortable and unruffled. Here still is having the folkway folk-custom with beautiful and old mysterious with of primitive simplicity fokelore, its form person and nature together primitive zoology culture encircles the high mountain of our country inland. The mystery of ” of savage of the fokelore that divine farming family name tastes grass to extract drug, “ , Chinese ethical myth is epic " darkness is passed " , plain charm of affection of common of marriage of home of saline path, earth, mountain area has E Gu the allure of be charmed making a person. Magnificent of here mountain peak, cold of clear spring pleasant, the scenery is excellent. Divine farming carries male crouch “ on the head China in ” of the first peak, god of “ of ascend of name of scenery strip of land between hills farming ” of the first scene; Gorge of red level ground, close gorge of river gorge, river of a narrow lane, bronco river gorge is grand and grand; Yin Yuhe, edge is crossed river, sweet brook river, big 9 lakes scene is beautiful; The swallow hole that 10 thousand swallow perch, when cold when the Qian Yu hole that the tidewater hole of a day of the glacial hole with hot cold hot hole, icebound midsummer, 3 tide, Lei Xiang gives a fish makes a person cry absolutely; Shed light of Buddha of fontal flying waterfall, sea of clouds to all be grand sight. The immense forest with boundless and indistinct Shen Nong Jia, in good condition primitive ecosystem, rich biology diversity, delightful climate condition, culture of primitive and distinctive inland high mountain, formed gorgeous landscape picture scroll jointly. Also make Shen Nong Jia enjoyed ” of “ green bright phearl, “ natural alter gene of species of ” of shelter of biology of arboretum ” , “ , “ library ” , “ is natural museum ” , “ is cool and refreshing regnal ” waits numerous beauty a moment praise. Destroy in environment of earthly modes of life and relation to their environment increasingly, environmental pollution is serious with each passing day today, shen Nong Jia is causing common people with its primitive and perfect zoology environment to fix eyes upon.
  • Divine farming carries Shen Nong Jia of main tourist attraction on the head, day swallow is primitive zoology travel area) , red level ground of Shen Nong Jia, strip of land between hills of swallow of Shen Nong Jia, scenery strip of land between hills, swallow hole, wooden partition cliff, small Long Tanye takes an examination of source of station sweet brook, day door strip of land between hills, fierce hill lake, shen Nong Jia uses field of ski of travel of Shen Nong Jia of plant specimen house, golden monkey mountain, 6 gorge picture is admired
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