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Fierce of · of the Yangtse River is become hill

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China has a lot of renown mountain, have oneself distinctive color and romantic charm. You Shan and the person that loves mountain, can be opposite the judge that the verve of hill has aesthetic sex, also can make to Shan Zhifeng case make the finishing point of type wraparound. If comment on reachs the designated position, generalize properly, can be in those who appreciate view, feel the intelligence of hill. Of such as Dong Yue magnificent, xi Yuezhi is arduous, and Qingchengzhi is deep and remote, the show of delicate eyebrows. . Fierce is become the renown hill that hill is China, have oneself distinctive color and romantic charm, OK also comment on, OK and wraparound, but very difficult proper. Guest of glow of bright generation Xu, itinerary 1000 hill 10 thousand water, it is geographical home, also be a person of academic or artistic distinction of comment on landscape, to the style of landscape and verve, have special percipient. However, roam when him fierce is become, seek this hill to get the better of when place, write down such character 8 commment actually: "The ground namely deep and remote absolutely, different of scene answer different " . Perhaps, fierce is become the verve of hill is honest hard depict, the style is more indescribable, and call " deep and remote absolutely " , call " different different " , with sighing its exceed the atmosphere that strides an emperor, express its Zhuo Er not group charm. Have concealed heart a man of noble character, ju Wu at once long, hep this hill reason is real. Accuse the cloud: Fierce should be branch range of mountain of bus of mountain of the Qin Dynasty, zhou Hui 800 lis, support 72 summits, hold 36 cliff in the arms, nip 24 gully. Column of day of name of the highest peak in a mountain range, lead group of hill alone, carry gully big pool, have the lofty quality over free generation greatly. Every have green place to peak cliff, when pregnant of gully big pool is beautiful, always see dripping wet of one clique vigour again, if dense, be like bronco dust, contain book person boundless opportunity of survival, so this hill renown " too and " . Too He Naitian ground changes Yo picture, it is the secret of happening of everythings on earth. Probably, fierce is become of verve hard depict, because of Shan Zhonghan book person such opportunity of survival. The good luck of nature, resemble lasting musical tune, humanitarian it is the poem that cooperates music. The fierce humanitarian development when hill, acting Taoism of Yu Han of excessive wine cup, to bright generation at the height of power and splendour. Taoism advocates natural, seek article of ask for help and natural harmony, although experience,develop so 100000, make famous scenery travel area and Taoism activity room, but the natural verve that have not hack hurts big hill, the ancient building that shows originality with its however, add elegant demeanour, reveal a this hill style. 1994, article of U.N. science and education organizes the experts of world bequest committee to be attracted, think " Wudangshangu builds group of Taoism buildings with the model and bizarre natural view to perfect the ground to be united in wedlock together " . Of the same age, build Wudangshangu group label world culture bequest, by the statement that U.N. secretary-general signs, emphasize again " Wudangshangu is built group have outstanding, common culture and natural value. Need complete mankind to strengthen protection for common interest. " beautiful natural wonderful scenery, the creativity that always can stimulate people is inspirational, condense into bizarre humanitarian landscape. Fierce watchs a building to attract worldwide attention when the palace of hill Taoism, all sorts of religion cultural relic also hear a far and near, condense into bizarre humanitarian landscape. Fierce watchs a building to attract worldwide attention when the palace of hill Taoism, all sorts of religion cultural relic also hear a far and near. The Tibet inside path view has the artwork such as elegant gold-plating copper carve, coloured drawing or pattern, clay sculpture, include immortal statue among them 1486 honour, ancient time is offerred implement, musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, Confusion classics thousands of, tablet of Song Yuanming's clear Taoism monument, copper 531. These cultural relic, have very high art to appreciate value and fundamental historical research value mostly. Fierce is become the humanitarian wonderful scenery of hill, the fierce that still includes beautiful Taoism music He Gangrou to hold aid concurrently is become kongfu. Military be in power is happy weigh Wu Dangyun again, form Yu Song formally to take the place of. Develop is passed in the history in, namely the path that shirt-sleeve and other way sends is happy, absorb music of bright generation palace again, absorb folk music to get flower, so Wu Dangyun shows readily take the opportunity to of sound of ancient bus Hunan namely vigrous and simple and honest, reveal palace music to get elegant charm again, or stimulate raise, or mild and indirect, solemn and respectful also, pure and fresh also. 1982, readily take the opportunity to of military be in power disentombs the attention that arranges the job to be concerned a section, published work of a batch of research and sound to resemble product early or late, make this fastens attractive artistic form, become the mankind's common culture heritage. Fierce says again when kongfu " inside domestic work " , it is the art that achieves the fitness that sends ceaseless gradual progress to knock ability by great master of door of past dynasties path. It advocates Xi Wu and do not boast the Wu De of fierce, do not dazzle oneself with wushu fist ability, and the path that presents his compliment to be on the move at yin and yang, happy those who raise temper is square. Go up in this state, will wushu and inside red result union rises, the practice outside be being repaired inside, each other is used for body. Will send every time during was not being sent, need deep Chunyue stands erect, divine anger about trifles is decided, reach already sent when, if take off hare,move, acute and fast. Because fierce can be used when kongfu,improve the health, preserve one's health repairs a gender, OK also at self-defence defend oneself applying, circulate in folk so very wide, multiply give numerous fist to plant, school, make the one name home of China wushu. Picture appreciationFierce is become hill
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