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Huang Shan of · of the Yangtse River

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Huang Shan is one of Chinese famous beauty spot, world tourist attraction, be located in city of yellow hill of south of the Anhui province. Peak of lotus of the highest peak in a mountain range, altitude 1864.8 meters. Huang Shan is in area of semi-tropical monsoon climate inside, because Shan Gaogu is deep, climate shows perpendicular change. Mix as a result of boreal slope at the same time south the radiation difference that slope gets sunshine is big, parcel form has dominant effect to its climate, form cloud and mist much, humidity the climate characteristic with big, much precipitation. Of hill of name of yellow hill market long. Of the father-in-law grand, of Mount Hua arduous, smoke cloud of Hengshan, the waterfall of cottage hill, wild goose swings the artful stone of hill, of delicate eyebrows hill beautiful, yellow hill all without exception holds concurrently and have. Guest of glow of Xu of bright generation traveler, geographical home two You Huangshan, gasp in admiration say: "Ascend yellow hill the world not to have hill, view stop! " stay again " the Five Mountains returns not to see hill, huang Shan returns not to look high mountain " beautiful praise. Have more " the world the first strange hill " say. Can say not to have a peak not stone, without Shi Busong, without Songbuji, and with strange pine, strange stone, sea of clouds, hot spring 4 absolutely celebrated at the world. Secondly lake, 3 waterfall, 16 springs, 24 brooks set each other off is contended for brightness. Spring, summer, autumn, scenery of wintry the four seasons each different. Huang Shan still holds concurrently " natural zoo and the world arboretum " good name, have a plant nearly 1500 kinds, animal 500 a variety of. Yellow hill climate is delightful, it is advantaged summer resort. It is national level scenery scenic spot area and recuperate summer resort. 10 old views of selected 1985 whole nation scenic spot, was included by U.N. Educational in December 1990 " world culture and natural heritage directory " , china serves as natural and culture, double bequest the first times to include directory at the same time. Geological park of selected in Feburary 2004 world. Become famous China and foreign countries, make common people unforgettable. Gu Jin has very much yellow Shan Shici to circulate at the world. On May 8, 2007, bureau of classics country tourism approves beauty spot of yellow hill of yellow hill city formally to travel for national 5A class scene area. Huang Shan experienced endless orogenic movement and lithosphere to carry litre, and glacier and natural and efflorescent action, just form its peculiar peak forest structure. Yellow Shan Qunfeng is bristly, element has " 36 big peaks, 36 small peaks " say, altitude of peak of lotus of the highest peak in a mountain range is as high as 1864 meters, day of the bright top with Ping Kuang, arduous Dou Feng together, male house is in scene area center, there still is the mountain peak of 77 kilometres above all round, group the peak is folded emerald green, organic ground combination has rhythm air into, the stereograph face of horizontal stroke of pound of surging forward with great momentum, imposing manner. Body of yellow hill hill is main by swallow hill period granite is formed, perpendicular joint development, erode cut intense, rupture and cranny freely crisscross, suffer water corrosion for a long time, form the granite burrow of magnificent much appearance and a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place, made heavy mountain gorge, col everywhere, entire mountain has mountain 3O place, rock 22 place, 7 place, close 2 point. Hill cliff metamere manages before few and far between, rock is much more bulbiform and efflorescent, hill body is simple and honest and grand; Hill cliff metamere manages after concentrated, it is perpendicular shape decency more, hill body is high and steep, formed " before Shan Xiongwei, hind Shan Xiuli " landforms feature. Glacier of the Quaternary Period is vestigial and main distributing the southeast ministry of advanced hill, typical glacier landforms has: Bitter bamboo brook, free brook achieves corrode for glacier shift and become " U " form cereal; Place of low-necked of fish of brow peak, crucian carp is two " V " the blade backbone of form cereal and remain of dig corrode corrode; Day Dou Feng is the horny peak that 3 ice fight dig corrode to leave very; Waterfall of handwriting of spring of 100 a unit of length, person is glacier cereal and glacier to raise the glacier hanging valley that Gu Xianghui becomes; Free brook closes to Shang Kou, Wu Ni, in the riverbed terrace such as yellow lion 垱 , distributinging move the moraine stone that glacier carries accumulation; Pass make pills of immortality of yellow emperor of the thill that it is a small room to use " red well " , " medical any mortar-shaped thing " , also be the glacial joint that forms by glacier action. Yellow Shan Qianfeng contest is beautiful, have strange peak 72, peak of its culmination Dou Feng, lotus, bright top is in altitude 1800 meters of above, unplug terrestrial pole day, of great momentum, heroic posture spirit is beautiful. Climate is friendly, dou Youji of the four seasons beautiful scenery. Huang Shan issues the first strange hill one day say, with strange pine, strange stone, sea of clouds, hot spring 4 absolutely celebrated at the world. Have " Huang Shan returns not to look high mountain " praise. Yellow hill landscape is in centrally east to yellow lion party, bridge of the 2 dragon since small mountain foot, north comes on the west, south the area that reachs Shang Kou to press down inside the limits of 154 square kilometre. Famous wonderful scenery has 72 peaks, 24 brooks, 3 waterfall, 2 lakes. Main travel area has building of screen of hot spring, jade, the North sea, Yun Gu temple, Song Guan, angle the bridge huts 6 beauty spot. Huang Shan can say not to have a peak not stone, without Shi Busong, without Songbuji, and with strange pine, strange stone, sea of clouds, hot spring 4 absolutely celebrated at the world. Secondly lake, 3 waterfall, 16 springs, 24 brooks set each other off is contended for brightness. Huang Shan is the ideal landscape that is in round-the-clock, the four seasons to be able to look. Scenery of the four seasons each different, morning faints fine rain, ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, the season landscape such as light of yellow hill sunrise, afterglow, cloud, Buddha and mist Song gets its interest each, elfland of world of true it may be said.
  • Spring (3-5 month) watch 100 beautiful contest to leave, loose branch is spat emerald green, hill bird flying song;
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