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Hill of cottage of · of the Yangtse River

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Cottage hill weighs Kuang Shan or Kuang Lu again, be subordinate to belongs to Jiangxi to visit 9 rivers town. Period of fabulous abundant week has 7 people of the brother that correct a family name to written guarantee cottage concealed is on this, epigenesis celestial being and go, the hill of cottage unreal melt into that its reside, get a name so. Be located in south 9 rivers city 36 kilometers place, north relies on the Yangtse River, draw near south Po Yang Hu. North and south grows about 25 kilometers, the thing is wide about 20 kilometers. Major mountain peak is in altitude 1000 meters of above, altitude of in relief peak of Chinese of the highest peak in a mountain range 1474 meters, mountain of bull of cloud Zhongshan city presses down altitude to make an appointment with 1167 meters. Cottage hill magnificent show unplugs, cloud and mist winds around, chute of the many cliffside spring in hill and strange hole blame stone, famous places and historical sites is spread all over, bright of summerly weather Hou Liang is delightful, it is our country's famous travel beauty spot is mixed be away for the summer holidays recuperate resort, was included 1996 " world nature and culture bequest directory " . The ancients cloud " the world of Kuang Luji beautiful shell " , from Sima Qianjiang cottage hill loads " history write down " hind, guest of Chinese ink of past dynasties poet is attracted in succession, tao Yuan bright, Xie Ling carry, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Su Shi, Wang Anshi, Liu You, Xu Zhi rub, if Guo Mei waits for 1500 Yu Weishi's people to mountaineer in succession, left a lot of valuable names piece an excellent work. What Su Shi writes " the horizontal stroke regards as mountain side Cheng Feng, discretion of far and near differs each. Do not know a the truth of sth. , it is along the body only in this hill " the view that figure represented cottage hill, become came 100000 the name of win universal praise piece.
  • Spring, ice is wrapped pink, mist circles Qing Feng, if the dream is like unreal;
  • Summer, 1000 hill drop is emerald green, 10 thousand Munong shade, yun Shuyun coils;
  • The autumn, gui Zi waves sweet, maple leaf sheds red, shu Feng says a month;
  • In the winter, pine is proud snow, cold plum breaks ice, silver-coated. White house of Tang Dynasty poet surprises easily with " Kuanglu 8 marrow that the word speaks cottage hill mix " of hill of beautiful shell the world grade. Cottage hill is " the world that coexists with rich culture setting and beautiful environment scenic spot " . 19 centuries end at the beginning of 20 centuries, cottage hill appeared flower, the villa of the 18 countries style such as Russia, beautiful, law is close 1000, "The big trend that invades China on behalf of western culture " . This century 30 time, cottage hill becomes Nanjing countryman government " Xia Dou " . 1937, zhou En will go up again on behalf of the Chinese Communist cottage hill and talk interpose stone; Later, published the serious talk that resists day. After People's Republic of China holds water, mao Zedong ascends cottage hill 3 times, chair the meeting of 3 Central Committee of Communist Party of Chinas that held common people to fix eyes upon. The natural beautiful scenery of cottage hill, be pregnant with is alimentary the historical culture with cottage rich hill, both is handed in brilliant mirror, bring out the best in each other, reflected cottage hill adequately to regard the world name as the distinctive glamour of hill. In December 1996, committee of bequest of U.N. Educational world approves cottage hill with " world culture landscape " , include " world bequest directory " , gave sufficient opinion to the cosmopolitan value of cottage hill: "The history of cottage hill is vestigial with its unique kind, be in harmony is collected in the natural beauty that has outstanding value, formed have the extremely high aesthetic value, culture landscape that connects cheek by jowl with spirit of the Chinese nation and culture life! " cottage hill not only line of ridge hill link, mountain peak amounts to more than 90, and agelong cloud and mist winds around, misty rain diffuses. She that ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, magnificent is strange confused hill is lubricious, for eulogize of poet of past dynasties bookman unceasingly. Tang Chaoshi writes so since person money:
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