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Building of Yue Yang of · of the Yangtse River

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Element of Yue Yang building has water of the world of " hole front courtyard, the Yuyue of crouch of Yue Yang building of high reputation of " of building of Yue Yang the world over Yang Gucheng's Ximen, of its imposing manner grand, what compose makes is grand, first what can calls Changjiang Delta 3 names building. Building compose makes the Yue Yang of renown coronal the world distinctive, the color is strange. Top of building three-layer, upturned eaves, armet, simple timber structure. Entire building is as high as 25.35 meters, plane shows a rectangle, 17.2 meters wide, enter deep 15.6 meters, cover an area of 251 square metre. The 4 post in the building are top, the building carries brim tooth on the head to peck, resplendent and magnificent. Far and 瞭, just be like the roc that a be high up in the air is about to fly to, you Xianxiong Wei is gallant. Yue Yang building is with " of the Three Kingdoms Lu Su reads army building " to be a foundation, generation takes the place of to follow develops and come. Before Tang Chao, on thing of Yu Jun of its function main effect. From Tang Chao only then, yue Yang building becomes zephyr of past dynasties tourist to shed charm person to visit sightseeing stage by stage, recite poems the resort of the ode. Right now Ba Ling city already in relief city of instead high mountain, ba Ling a tower over a city gate also calls Yue Yang building subsequently. Tang Xuan Zong Kaiyuan 4 years (the Christian era 76 years) , can calls " Yan Han with great quantity of " piece say to demote after Guan Yueyang, lovemaking landscape, often ascend Lou Fushi with bookman change guest, after, still have Li Bai, Du Fu, Li Shang the great poet such as concealed, Li Qunyu is following one by one, wrote down the name with thousands of language class new idea piece beautiful line, to Yue Yang the building cheated a strong culture desire accumulate. Yue Yang building is in Northen Song Dynasty Teng Zi Beijing is repaired again below truly famed Yu Tian, Fan Zhongyan is made " Yue Yang building is written down " later. Feel no regret of Teng Zi Beijing has the renown official of foresight judicious judgment for, he thinks " Lou Guanfei has a character to call not the reporter long, the person that literal blame stems from male Cai Juqing won'ts do. " then, he asked the old writer Fan Zhongyan at that time to write down a name to pass for all time " Yue Yang building is written down " . Gentle, wide for be widely read, although have only very few 369 words, but the gain of its content is big, of philosophic theory profound, of imposing manner boundless, of the language clang, true it may be said ingenuities alone far, can weighs last words written before death. The concern that leaves with " a priori especially among them and care, the happy and happy " below the day after tomorrow makes famous remark of through the ages one sentence. From this, yue Yang building is a raise China and foreign countries more. Later the poetic author of past dynasties of all previous face left many and beautiful Shi Wen here. Be like Yu Ji, Yang Weizhen, yang Quan, Li Dongyang, He Jingming, Yuan Mei, Yao Nai ever brought a wine to face wind, ascend Lou Yinyong. In Yue Yang building in history of more than 1000 years, after many harships vicissitudes of life, destroy repeatedly build repeatedly, the repair that has Shikecha in all more than 30. After be being repaired again every time, brim of " criterion layer puts cabinet on the ice, ji eulogy go up at its, article talent person enter look into the distance from a high place and wander " ; collapses destroy when, billow of " criterion wave, concussion falls at its, correct of person of change guest coquettish head and " heaving a deep sigh (clear Chao Zhangde is allowed " the building writes down heavy Xiu Yueyang " ) , to last years of a dynasty or reign of the Republic of China, building body is already extremely shabby. " cock sings the world white " , yue Yang building greeted the first dawn. After new China holds water, party and government are right Yue Yang building very cherish, undertook be weighinged thoroughly repairing to its. Weigh the Yue Yang building after repairing, held original dimensions and construction, withheld original building art and historical scene. Building bottom is granitic stage radical heighten 30 centimeters, make the booth of celestial being plum before Yue Yang building, 3 drunk booth more show primary and secondary trenchant, strewn at random have send. Building floor changes blueness of shop ancient time, the 4 nanmu large post in hall, 4 when for old Lou Yuan content; the Song Dynasty takes the place of big a block of stone used as a seat, still crouch stand to fall in large post. The Republic of China of 21 annual build by laying bricks or stones former wall of 3 face brick, converted the carve patterns or designs on woodwork of style of bright Qing Dynasty sticks copy golden gate window. 2 buildings are make climb a hill person eye shot is more open, increased covered corridor space. Zhang Zhaoshu of building hall front is pensile clear famous calligrapher writes " Yue Yang building is written down " , by composition of 12 rosewood wood. 3 buildings are displaying Du Fu of personal letter of Mao Zedong of generation great person " enter Yue Yang building " poem. Each building is pensile original woodcarving a horizontal inscribed board is right, add the couplet hung on the columns of a hall that cut building of Yue Yang of chant of Gu Jin a person of academic or artistic distinction. Among them first floor has to be as long as the couplet of 102 words, why does the first line of a couplet on a scroll surprise for " first floor? Du Shaoling 5 character the peak of poetic perfection, two words close Fan Xiwen affection, teng Zi Beijing phr full-scale construction is under way, lv Chunyang 3 need too drunk. Shi Ye, Confucianism Ye, official Ye, celestial being Ye, the ancients disappears before, make my dark blue like that below tears! " the second line of a couplet tries for " Zhu Jun look: Xiao Xiang of antarctic of lake of hole front courtyard, yang Zijiang north connects Wu Xia, ba Lingshan comes to bright to enrage on the west, cliff of one who treats sb to a meal of city of high mountain state border. The person that collect, the person that flow, the person that stand erect, the person that press down, there is intendment in this, ask who is comprehended? " and 3 buildings a pair of short couplet, mere 8 words: " water nature is uniform immensity of; wind month. " inscribe is Li Bai of " ancient Chinese name for Venus. " picture appreciationYue Yang building
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