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3 gorge · bends the Yangtse River former native place

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  • Ancestral temple Tang Yuan mixes Qu Yuan 15 years (the Christian era 820 years) , wang Maoyuan of general of right god plan takes up the post of feudal provincial or prefectural governor putting in a city 's charge, qu Yuan of sigh with deep feeling " absurd spirit is place, temple appearance is not had see " , be in state city east 5 lis Qu Tuo built ancestral temple of a Qu Yuan. "God chapter is taken, all abide by the Tang Dynasty make " , made " Dr Chu Sanlv bends inscription of gentleman ancestral temple and foreword " , this is Zi puts in ancestral temple of the earliest a Qu Yuan 's charge about. Northen Song Dynasty yuan abundant 3 years (the Christian era 1080) , xu of Song Shenzong Zhao seals Qu Yuan to be " clear sacrificing oneself for a just cause is common " , common people putting in a city 's charge collected money to repair in Qu Tuo " clear intense fair ancestral temple " . Ancestral temple eaves is hard summit, siheyun type, by hill door, match room, audience hall, hind hall composition, floor area 350 square metre, sit slope face river, face Chu Taishan. Yuan Tai Dingchu year (the Christian era 1324) , put in a city 's charge to know city king bald elder brother not to spend fair to clear intense ancestral temple to have repair, procrastinated very long not finishing, ancestral temple eaves close to do one thing and neglect another. Yuan to 2 years (the Christian era 1342) , tell a state close ha offer to be repaired again, take out oneself Feng Yin one part to take the lead in advocating, squire is rich door sponsor in succession, at the 3rd year will new ancestral temple builds, close ha offer instead " clear intense fair temple " , the An Ruxue that ask a lake is carried lifted Huang Qing to often make " clear intense fair temple is written down " . Bright 10 thousand all previous 25 years (the Christian era 1597) Sun He telling a state year, qing Kangxi 8 years (the Christian era 1669) Wang Jingyang telling a state, yong Zheng 11 years (the Christian era 1733) Hubei learns Zheng Lingru shine, qianlong 46 years (the Christian era 1781) Wang Pei telling a state creams, jia Qing 25 years (the Christian era 1820) Li Huo telling a state jin maintain in succession. After People's Republic of China is built, 60 time ever maintained 20 centuries twice. Hind because of Ge Zhou dam the build of water conservancy project, library area water level is elevatory, change was built at Zi to put in a county 's charge in July 1976 east 3 lis homeward level ground, ancestral temple eaves covers an area of 20.7 mus. Main body project starred building in Feburary 1977, built on June 25, 1982, more renown " Qu Yuan ancestral temple " . Door of hill of new ancestral temple maintains former appearance of clear intense fair ancestral temple, enlarge is large-scale, have tall the 17 pailou of rice, match a room to expand to the left and right sides 7 meters. Pailou builds glazed tile, part of one class house is fish of a huge legendary turtle, 2 class are a dragon, 3 class are careless dragon, backbone act the role ofing is Aquarius in the middle of. Pailou front, dawn hall is in, the left and right sides is 2 dragon Pan Zhu, if inscribe,Guo Mei is embedded in " Qu Yuan ancestral temple " 3 words. Frontal Fang cultivates a person to inscribe for assist in relief king " Gu faithful stay fragrant " , door plaque is inscribed for Wuhan Zhang Xiu " light contends for life " . Piao Chu of Zhao of the model inside ancestral temple inscribes couplet: "Political integrity admires loyalty, gas spits rainbow Neon, the day asks 9 chapters the song is vast and mighty; Xiu Nengming treats chaos, annals puts the god of the land and the god of the grain-the state, eulogy of all ages of lustre involuntary discharge of urine leaves coquettish " . Whole builds an of great momentum, tower aloft in tangerine covert. In the middle of one class fastigium draw with blue sky, red day, sea, great waves, the model below 2 class fastigium has be out of shape Kui dragon, act the role of below 3 class fastigium fly phoenix. Delay for Songhe below dawn hall year, both sides says jade book for kylin, metope is lacy to coil careless, Han Wen, answer grain to wait. Whole coloured drawing or pattern with red, yellow, green, blue allocate 4 kinds, set each other off is unripe brightness. The thing matchs a room to be hard summit, roll dragon backbone, act the role of dragon phoenix design. Be inside can make a picture for tourist problem poem, pin Ming is small rest. The most conspicuous inside Qu Yuan ancestral temple is one honour majestic Qu Yuan bronze, stand tall and upright on the lawn in the middle of ancestral temple courtyard. Base is granite, 2.5 meters tall. Bronze is 3.92 meters tall, gown sleeve circumference 5 meters. Character modelling is " lower his head to brood, stroll of against the wind " , exert oneself depict bends primary concern country the patriotism of care civilian, indomitable fight spirit and " the road is boundless its are long, I will fluctuate and search " thought state. Figure is grave, the topic is lively. Still displaying inside ancestral temple one honour home puts the earliest Qu Yuan stone carving to resemble today, 103 centimeters tall. Resemble an a side having inscriptive say: "Seat of government of chaste tree state puts in city tung-oil a small bay in a river 's charge to believe person Cao to carry blessing, be apt to is the same as wife Zhu 4 (child) , hair heart is abandoned go to Qu Yuan is fair one honour, into temple of gorge of Yu Bai dog. Always press down all directions, dog of security personnel home. Ming Jiajing 16 years (the Christian era 1537) Ji Dan of fourth You Sanyue. With male: Tanaka, hold medium, in grasping, defend indifferent. Artisan Chen Baifu. " this stone resembles putting Yu Xiaoqing beach to bend doctor temple formerly inside, local old person says, cao Duanfu is a shipowner, take his wife and 4 sons to drive the Yichang below the boat, wooden vessel is in white dog gorge (today gorge of sword of a book of tactics) break auspicious, his family is rescued, thanks to Dr Qu Yuan is blessed, donated this then honour stone resembles. Placing common people putting in a city 's charge forever the feeling to Qu Yuan, "Domestic dog " it is to him the cheap of 4 sons says. Still build inside ancestral temple have a thing two tablet outline, area 171.5 square metre. Engraving Qu Yuan work and illustration, past dynasties a person of academic or artistic distinction inscribes the poetic word of the Qu Yuan that chant. Qu Yuan people inside still have " bend doctor grave " , it is an a tomb containing personal effects of a deceased but missing the corpse. According to rich of Shao of Northen Song Dynasty " record after Wen Jian " : "Put in a city 's charge to bend a small bay in a river, bend primary former residence also. There is Qu Yuan ancestral temple, grave on. " the time that lives by Shao Bo is computative, this grave is extremely possible fair ancestral temple of as clear as Northen Song Dynasty intense is built at the same time. Qing Kangxi 9 years (the Christian era 1670) put in a city 's charge to know city Wang Jingyang to be repaired again. Qianlong 46 years (the Christian era 1781) Hubei learns politics Wu Shengqin is repaired again. Old grave is built in Yuan Qinglie fair ancestral temple is left. New tomb is built in bend tailing edge of original term ancestral temple today, press extend of clear acting coffin chamber, the appearance is majestic and grand. Coffin chamber 2 into, bluestone tiling, horn of Yu Qiao of a huge legendary turtle, green lion resembles area of appear vividly stone in vain. Grave door three-layer, grave name horizontal specified amount is set on, epitaph is in, it is below do obeisance to a stage. Before the door 4 pillar, character 8 opens fan, two side set couplet third officer, it is firstly: "Through the ages of tear unrighted wrong is regretful; Caving all ages of pillow putting in hill 's charge flows fragrant " . Do obeisance to a stage in the middle of Chen Yi " birthday " glyph stone censer, control stone lion male crouch. Kuang of grave of stone build by laying bricks or stones is after grave door, have inside and outside 2 rooms. Ben sets coffin of red lacquer Hunan, park one giant on lotus stage; Outside there is alveolus in room partition, can peek ben " candle power " happy and harmonious, "Cigarette " wave in the wind. Epitaph is: Doctor name is smooth, the word says clever all. An ancient name for the planet Jupiter is in the third of the twelve Earthly Branches, be born Le Ping. Emperor takes an examination of Bai Yong, di Gaoyang's Miao Yi; First ancestor bends defect, it is a surname with Feng Yi. Doctor lifetime, care nation concern civilian. Lift inside sagely, outside drive strong peaceful. Comfortable Zhang Yi enters Hunan, zheng sleeve manipulate power for personal ends. The doctor is murdered, wrap around issue chant. The land of country is broken, mi collect loss is heavy. Alack! Doctor lifetime, correct path goes continuously. Demit of ease noisy Wei, civil garden monumental work; Have a sharp sense of integrity, 焜 焜 boasts bright 燐 . Conceive Sha Fuyuan, ghost cries divine Jing. Lifelike fish owes dead body, return bury native place, the grave of solid clothes and hat, the affection of elders of a country or district of home village or town. Now water answers a thousand li, coffin chamber Meng Ze. Bury of choose ground change, yong Weizhong fetch. Summerly auspicious day established the Christian era 1982.
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