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The Yangtse River Ba Dong of 3 gorge · is magical farming brook

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Hair of divine farming brook results from the Na Lu of virgin forest of Shen Nong Jia of northwest of another name for Hubei province. According to legend, northwest of Ceng Zaie of farming family name wears the look of fast ancient ladder extracts drug, taste 100 grass, suitable brook issues the Yangtse River after. Later generations collects him medical place to name Shen Nong Jia, this brook calls a god farming brook. Divine farming brook is full-length 60 much kilometers, flow direction from boreal Xiang Na, admit 17 affluent on the way, in east be apart from 9 kilometers of Ba Dong county, the place of 25 kilometers collects mouth of westing witch gorge the Yangtse River. The edge crosses a river is a small town, other people of about hundred frankpledge. Small town draws near closely divine farming brook, all around big hill encircle. Head day has rained heavily here, air is fresh all the more. On the head, the sky of azure blue is waving big Bai Yun. Below the foot, spring babbles, chan of brook water Chan. All around, in the virgin forest that of primitive simplicity verdants and luxuriant, waved the carol of the bird and beautiful scent. Long occupy downtown area we, come to here, resembled Tao Yuan a haven of peace of bright the wording and purpose of what one writes. Had not begun adrift, we are drunk was in on small town of this remote mountains. Tourist guide Miss Ruan is a girl of beautiful the Tujia nationality, had eaten lunch, she guides us to ascend bateau, help us wear good life jacket. Bateau is about 923 meters long, 78 pew, every can sit two people, after becoming warped before wooden vessel, extend, local figure ground says for " pea horn " . "Embarkation -- " boatman command. The boater of station fore loosens is the cable in the bank, the punt-pole that use bamboo gently a bit, hu chirp, the boat leaves bank, like the arrow cleave through the waves, fly flow to fall continuously. "Pea horn " drive by 6 boater, bow has the boat tip of bolo form to dial water to lead a way, buttock has a scull like the arrow to adjust course. When encountering lotic dangerous shoal, teach with bamboo punt-pole, ungual hook. Wadi of divine farming brook is average 25 meters wide, the narrowest place has 4 meters only. Encounter narrow point, brook water thinks those who flounce off big hill to manacle it seems that, gallop in gorge blusterous. Boat as this billowy great waves, drift and fall. Wadi bestrews cobble, "Pea horn " in boatman direct falls, left hide right shine, want dash against soon sometimes a stone, boater uses punt-pole gently a bit, bateau brushs stone and pass. A of tourists of melt into of a false alarm lively laugh. After torrent passes, river side broadens, brook water has some of exhaustion it seems that, rein in footstep. At this moment divine farming brook, static if be in child, clear see an end. Bateau direct current slowly travel, cross-strait cliff mirrors in water, the boater that a moment ago struck with torrent, sit at this moment fore, draw out a small-bowled long-stemmed pipe, smoke removed tobacco. "Lang Zaigao hill oh vocal, younger sister is by the side of the river ah wash clothes. Folk song walks along Langchang downward alas, younger sister look up at beau -- " tourist guide young lady sang earthy home folk song. "Younger sister is in bank oh vocal, singing flies on high mountain hillock. You not should look up at little younger sister alas, bavin is chopped on elder brother on guard busy -- " boater people also sing immediately. The organ with the singing like silver-colored bell of earthy home woman and earthy home straightforward fellow drifts in the for a long time in gorge. Hearing earthy home folk song, I thought of remote antiquity cling to person, they ever chased here, cultivation, with address both hands, building beautiful home. Can be, a plank road built along a cliff that you see cross-strait cliff go up and hang coffin, wrote down their wisdom, what also wrote down them is laborious with brave. Give cliff coffin gorge, cross leaf dam, "Pea horn " be just as a leaf, wave parrot gorge. Here is a gorge with the rapiddest flow in divine farming brook. Eddy catchs, the attention height of boater rises centrally. Boatman station fore, gave out another countersign, 6 boater fall in his direct, strike with backwash with skill and force. Abrupt, a big hill held off a river, the boat develops the past to rock wall, be when our Jing be puzzled, see a batch boater exerts oneself to do sth. bamboo punt-pole only, the boat is gone to right one abduct, before us be suddenly enlightened. Original brook came here a take a sudden turn. Bateau had bleached rapidly another dangerous shoal, the cry in fear the tourist and cheer swing in gorge. "Pea horn " continue to overtake, enter Long Changxia very quickly. The flow of water becomes gently rise, mountain peak mirrors brook face, scree of brook bottom of all kinds falls in sunshine illuminate, multicolored Cui Can, extraordinary splendour confused is shown. The boat goes up in water sail, go up like the vitreous lens in one side color gently glide. Brook water is very shallow, I am certain a few scree, extend the hand into water to be scooped quickly. The divine dragon of divine dragon brook is multicoloured Shi Guo like that deserve the reputations one enjoys, these a few cobble are bright and clean be like jade, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, I am taken fine in the hand fine play appreciation. A cobble shows egg cyan, the design seem of cobble lower part rinses, a white duckling is playing in water. I like this gravelstone very much, name it cry " warm duck of Chun Jiang water is prophetic " , put into my gripesack. Divine farming brook is about to collect the Yangtse River, surface expanse rises, at this moment divine farming brook appears so tender and amorous. Brook water clang clang ground is dripping, there is Bai Yun in green jade water, skylark overhead breaks up fly to cry happily. Boat immediately quiet to come down, people is listening attentively to the sound of this god-given sounds of nature, whole body and mind and beautiful nature be in harmony are an organic whole. Picture appreciationDivine farming brook
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