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Chongqing · the Yangtse River big Ning He of 3 gorge · is small 3 gorge

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  • Small 3 gorge beauty spot is known as " China marvellous spectacle " , " the world absolutely scene " witch beauty spot of Shan Xiaosan gorge, it is emerald green gorge of the dragon door gorge that big Ning He sheds churchyard of classics Wu Shan downstream, Ba Wu gorge, drop the floorboard of 3 paragraphs of gorge, grow 50 kilometers, the area of a country's territory of forest green banboos 18000 mus, as big as the Yangtse River 3 gorge beauty spot borders, it is national emphasis name get the better of beauty spot, judged 1991 for " Chinese travel resort 40 beautiful " . There is high mountain strange peak inside scene area, the cloud and mist with boundless irregular change winds around, the turn will circle the lotic dangerous shoal that go, the flying waterfall clear spring of beautiful clean of quiet and beautiful, the bell breast of 100 condition blames 1000 appearance stone, what not measure mysteriously is dangerous cliff ancient hole, lifelike natural sculpture, wood of dense and prosperous mountain forest bamboo, glowed pebble beach, it is the natural miniascape that is in exquisite ingenious; Have " recursive nature swims " small 3 gorge, the tourist takes ego to participate in, the rubber a light boat of handle of ego operation paddle floats swim, it is one place " do not block temptation " optimal float swim area; More than 1000 climb those who cultivate Zong Yan to play only monkey group, more than 100 geminate and didymous accompany an affectionate couple, all sorts of water bird are volant fly violently, a variety of fish have a good swim green jade water, lark caw cries to be able to be heard at any time, it is the scenery animal division that manages deserve the reputations one enjoys; Still have confuse those who put for all time cling to the person hangs coffin, boat coffin, the hole of stone of ancient a plank road built along a cliff that makes a person unintelligible, it is one place valuable last a period of time is vestigial. This one peculiar gorge scene, natural landscape is an organic whole with humanitarian landscape be in harmony, it is the Yangtse River on-line of aqueduct of 3 gorge gold brights bright phearl.
  • Dragon door gorge comes from mouth of dragon door gorge silver-colored nest beach, advocate gorge area 3 kilometers. Magnificent lofty. Two hill confront each other, if cliff is cut, the day opens a gleam of, form if, element has " male, dragon door gorge " praise. Have in gorge pass for our country the start place with the longest ancient vestigial a plank road built along a cliff reachs dragon raft of pontoons, Long Menquan, green lion to defend peak of column of the door, 9 dragon, glossy ganoderma to wait for wonderful scenery. Mouth giving gorge is race adventruous silver-colored nest beach, boat travel meantime, having " cling to water is like an arrow urgently, cling to if fly,the boat goes " feeling. The wide valley that the outspread part of this gorge is delay of water of easy of a paragraph of hill is taken, through lute city, had entered the beach that apply part.
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