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Chongqing · the Yangtse River Wu Xia of 3 gorge ·

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  • Gorge of witch of witch gorge brief introduction name big gorge, with deep and serene and beautiful celebrated. Strange peak of whole gorge area is abrupt, blame Shi Linxun, cliff side-by-side panels, continuous, it is the most considerable paragraph in 3 gorge, just like the gallery of a tortuosity, be full of poetics book idea. Witch gorge gorge grows Gu Shen, tortuosity, high mountain of strange peak Cuo is continuous, smoke cloud is dense wind around, of scenery quiet and beautiful extremely, be like the gallery of a too many beautiful things.
  • Situation is mixed in Sichuan witch hill Hubei Ba Dong two counties churchyard, the large peaceful influx that the east of county of hill of Chongqing city witch has on the west, hubei is reached to save crossing of officer of Ba Dong county east, be continuous 40 kilometers beyond, include Jin La Yin Jiaxia and iron coffin gorge, gorge is particularly deep and serene and labyrinthian, it is hill of witch of transversely of the Yangtse River advocate arteries and veins is anticlinal and form.
  • Witch gorge ancient location has not little Gu Zhi inside area of omnibus witch gorge, tourist sees easily, it is the Kong Ming tablet below peak of collect celestial being. This peak be similar in shape group celestial being photograph gets together, fork is divided on, very insert a day like scissors, reason renown scissors peak. There is wall of rock of one rectangle white below the peak, on quarter " gorge of witch of heavy cliff rows of mountains " 6 big character, according to legend is book of Zhu Geliang place. In addition still a few problems are engraved, suffer weather-beaten, handwriting is ambiguous. Autumn wind booth comes to Ba Dong, cannot not booth of autumn wind of climb a hill. Stand still in booth, watch all sides landscape, see alternate of chain of mountains is emerald green only, great river crosscurrent, shan Fengfu face, relaxed and happy making a person. The station permits the place that once had stood in bandit, be like can appreciate this happy the world of concern of photograph of Wei Xianchen fine, aid lifetime benefit civilian feelings. In Ba Dong, the most well-known view should be divine farming brook, if have,the word of time can try divine farming brook to drift. Place still continues to go up without time, those who go appreciating Wu Shan is deep and serene and beautiful. Goddess peak in 12 peaks with goddess peak the famousest, there is the stone column of one tall and graceful on the peak, the girl with graceful be similar in shape. She greets Lai Chaoxia the earliest everyday, send afterglow finally again, friend calls “ Wang Xiafeng ” again. According to Tang Ancheng " city wall city market celestial being is recorded " carry, king Mu Younv preciouses jade on the west the East China Sea of go on a journey of god of Yu Zhu of Ji Xie mad chapter, anxiety, cross Wu Shan, see pluvial indulge in wilful persecution, then “ aids stone of behead of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty, Shu Bo, fill in definitely, guide be stranded, with abide its shed ” . Flood is made the same score already, precious jade Ji Wei helps Min Yongqi good year, sail a boat is restful, establish day of hilltop with the passing of time to grow, peak of melt into goddess. 3 8 scene main landscape has gorge of 12 peaks witch 3 (the dream meets Chu Huaiwang the Hunan balcony of Wu Shan goddess, precious jade the stage giving a book of Ji Shoushu big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty, the behead dragon stage of dragon of evil of behead of big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty) , 8 scene (” of Chun Xiao of the hill austral Naling summit “ , the setting sun of “ of willow level ground is returned according to ” , ning He of “ of large peaceful influx crosses ” late, fish of clear brook of the “ on clear brook river angles ” , ” of settleclear Tan Qiuyue of “ of peaceful river crossing, ” of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of buddhist of beautiful peak of the 5 “ on Feng Shan, the city looks ” of husband “ female Guan Zhenshi on the west, ”) mixes rain of dusk of cloud of face of “ of tall pond view 12 peaks (namely of Jiang Beian ascend celestial being of spring of dragon, emperor, Chao Yun, goddess, Song Lian, collect 6 peaks, of south bank fly phoenix, emerald green screen, get together crane, clean altar, case the cloud, rise 6 peaks) . You Shiyun of land of Song Daishi's person: “ puts the Wu Xia below the boat, the heart is in 12 peaks. ”Picture appreciation
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