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Chongqing · the Yangtse River gorge of Xi Ling of 3 gorge ·

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Sweet brook opening has on the west, come east south ferry closes, on the history with its labyrinthian, strange stone forest establishs channel, beach much water alarmingly dangerous of boat of urgent, travel and famed. After People's Republic of China holds water, the old processing that passes course of pair of the Chanjiang River and Ge Zhou dam after building of water conservancy project, the flow of water already tended gently, like that beautiful landscape as usual. Main landscape, boreal bank has ” of gorge of lung of horse of liver of ox of ” of gorge of sword of “ a book of tactics, “ , south bank has ” of gorge of “ lamp shadow to wait. Exit of lamp shadow gorge, on hill of tooth of south bank horse, 4 are exactly like " on the west travel notes " in the Tang Dynasty monk division apprentice 4 numerous strange stone. Guo Mei is like a gentleman to junior fellow apprentice of “ Xuan Zang establishs hilltop, the problem of pig of lamp shadow together and monkey ” is chanted. The boat gives the ferry austral Xi Ling gorge to close, range of river of 300 lis of gorge announces an end namely, the Yangtse River enters middle reaches from this, eye shot break is widened like that, jiang Liudong goes a thousand li, cross-strait champaign 10 thousand just, ” of easy of day of Hunan of “ look as far as one can, not be appeal. Hill gorge is located in Yichang the Yangtse River on the west 3 gorge east mouth, it is ” of pharynx and larynx of “ plain another name for Hubei province. Get the Xi Lingshan of a col of the ferry austral city of Yichang of —— of Yu Sanxia bright phearl. It is the longest gorge in 3 gorge, close Zi to put in sweet brook mouth 's charge to be defile from the ferry austral Yichang paragraph, grow 66 kilometers; The sweet brook wide grain that upgrade still has 40 kilometers to grow paragraph, full-length 100 more than kilometer. There is “ in Xi Ling gorge 3 beaches ” (discharge beach, green beach, Kong mountain beach) , “ 4 gorge ” (gorge of lung of horse of liver of lamp shadow gorge, ox gorge, ox and gorge of sword of a book of tactics) . Whole gorge area is high mountain, gorge, dangerous shoal, key. There is a beach in there is gorge, beach in gorge, old beach contains small beach, since ancient times 3 gorge boatman is in forever this and wrestle of photograph of dangerous shoal torrent. Section of the travel in gorge of “ Xi Ling is stiff, beach beach is ghost sees anxious. ”In the past, this takes the accident of heavy boat of strike a reef to emerge in endlessly. Bank of green beach north has ” of tower of bones of the dead of a “ , get a name with the skeleton of boater of accumulation die in an accident. After liberating, these dangerous shoal pass punish, thousands of tons ship is passed OK and smooth and steadily, dangerous shoal had become the history a thing of past. If you start from Yichang harbor, cross south ferry closes, river of go against the river and go up, so, show in you the Xi Ling gorge before, it is the gallant picture scroll of billows of spot of a colour, spectacular, you can admire the grandiose occasion that construction of big bridge of the Yangtse River of rainbow —— Xi Ling and construction of 3 gorge engineering flies to in gorge to reach on the way wonderful scenery of two sides. Gorge of sword of a book of tactics crosses new beach eastwards not far, river north has rock wall, the rock of a surname yellow that there is two jackknives prolapse on, liver of ox of a be similar in shape, lung of horse of a be similar in shape, gorge of lung of horse of liver of friend name ox. Bovine liver and equestrian lung are the stalactite that the calcium carbonate deposit in groundwater forms actually. Bovine liver is complete still nowadays, and equestrian lung is in Qing Guangxu 26 years (1900) year the British warship that is inbreaked with a bang dropped below half, make equestrian lung misshapen not complete. Later if Guo Mei swims via be in when 3 gorge " Guo Xiling gorge 2 " in put be similar in form or appearance with sword of “ a book of tactics again, liver of equestrian lung ox says bandit is mad. ” comes dispatch duty flower the crime of auspicious land of imperialist aggression our country. Lotus Tuo comes south ferry closes a gorge of shadow having the light and ox gorge. Wall of gorge of lamp shadow gorge is bright and clean, pure without motley. Hair on the temples of both sides cloud coagulates jade of gargle of emerald green, cliffside spring. Precipice greets Jiang Shui, jing Yingcheng greens jade. If night crosses gorge, the month hangs the west hill, the Shan Guangshui under moon is lubricious, beautiful scenery is unusual, call the bright moon gorge again so. Of lamp shadow gorge one big absolutely scene namely every time the setting sun is illuminated on the west, 4 when afterglow appears line cliff to support pictographic stone make fun of just like lamp shadow (shadowgraph) in drama " on the west travel notes " medium the Tang Dynasty monk division apprentice 4 people, lamp shadow gorge from this and get a name. The travel after crossing lamp shadow gorge not how long, be expected to see an abrupt cliff. It is topping at group of lush and green peaks over, looking down at surfy torrent. Bluff issues the ridge of 9 winding prolapse, just like 9 dragon enter the water, imposing manner is very grand and grand. That cliff of horizontal sky is ox cliff, river valley is ” of “ ox gorge. Compare with photograph of lamp shadow gorge, situation of hill of ox gorge two sides is topping, cliff body is straightforward and varied. Here is to have fault of representative geology of the Sinian Period. Still can find fish fossil, trilobite fossil and fossil of other ocean biology in ox gorge up to now, it recorded the change of the time brings a great change to the worlds that 3 gorge come to several years. Previously, ox gorge this paragraph river side sails upstream urgent reef is much, the boat goes so far, must cautious. If against the current, it is progress more slow. Often boat linage day, still be expected to see ox cliff. For generations shedding is then descendant " ox ballad " “ face sends ox, dusk old ox, 3 face 3 dusk, ox as before. ” Li Bai crosses this, ever also endowed with poetic “ the ox on 3 face, 3 dusk travel is too late. 3 Chao Fusan dusk, do not become aware hair on the temples becomes silk. ” of course, this was in the past. Below the ox hill of ox gorge south bank, standing tall and upright Huang Wa of a red wall, resplendent and magnificent ancient building, this is 3 gorge in the biggest temple of the oldest building — Huang Ling. Original name of yellow hill temple ” of “ ox ancestral temple, when the the Three Kingdoms, zhu Geliang enters Sichuan, transient ox gorge, see temple broken, contributive repair anew again, still be this book " ox temple is written down " . Picture appreciationXi Ling gorge One
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