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Chongqing · Shi Baozhai

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  • Shi Baozhai - a bright phearl on the Yangtse River is so-called one of 8 old bizarre buildings of world Shi Baozhai, be located in Chongqing the bank of north of the Yangtse River of faithful county churchyard. Shi Baozhai is one of buildings of a few timberwork that our country puts only at present, also be our country existent bulk highest, number of plies wears building of the timberwork that fight form at most. Area of scene of stone treasure camp is tourist attraction of national 4A class. Faithful county article is in charge of institute director Huang Jianhua to say, project of protection of stockaded village of treasure of faithful county stone is cultural relic of area of area of library of Chongqing of 3 gorge project one of projects of 4 great protection, temple of as in relief as bridge of Fu hill white crane, cloud Zhang Fei, Wu Shan is called what cultural relic of 3 gorge project protects since big prosperous Gu Zhenyi " 4 big " . In August 2002, shi Baozhai protects project plan to report bureau of national cultural relic to examine and approve. Ever since, the expert puts forward to should increase the processing to crag, the requirement that considers environmental landscape further adjusts protective range appropriately. In April 2006, bureau of national cultural relic is examined and approve passed program is set first. According to protective program, shi Baozhai will have slope protection conserve and consolidate hill system, before stockaded village door build by laying bricks or stones is prevented wave protect a bank, rise palisade of stone treasure stockaded village. At the appointed time, shi Baozhai all around what will build an one road record to be like salver is giant surround a bank, surround whole Shi Baozhai amid, form waterlocked of an all sides Gu " island " , just like tremendous " miniascape " . Miniascape of China of the union that surround a bank devises technique artisticly, use bluestone copy to build the kind of natural configuration. Shibao shares crag inside stockaded village field 33 place, major crag all needs to use anchor cable consolidate. The aspect is built in traffic, inside the island external canalage traffic plans to block build of the side outside the wall in horn of Yu Yinshan southeast one small-sized dock, offer small-sized ship berth. External overland traffic goes by the person of newly-built Shi Baozhai and Yu Yinshan suspension bridge is assumed. Suspension bridge grows 250m, wide 3.4m, by 4 cross a design. The traffic inside the island withholds original green flagging. On December 28, invest 8000 much stone treasure stockaded village to protect a project -- , Shi Baozhai cofferdam, formal start is built. By 2007, after the project is finishing, shi Baozhai will be become the biggest on the world " miniascape " and in the river " small a fabled abode of immortals " . As we have learned, shi Baozhai protects project general last a period of time 23 months, after complete of the project end 2007, stockaded village of treasure of stone of the bright phearl on the river will be mixed with her brand-new appearance more distinctive color, greet the visitor of China and foreign countries that comes from all corners of the land. Picture appreciation
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