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Temple of Chongqing · Zhang Fei

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Zhang Fei temple temple of Hou of renown Zhang Huan, be located in what lie between Jiang Xiangwang with in relief county of Chongqing city cloud to fly phoenix the foot of a mountain, the department is built to commemorate Zhang Fei of famous general of the kingdom of Shu Han of period of the Three Kingdoms, only then build at evening of the kingdom of Shu Han, acting repair extend is experienced after, be apart from the history that already had more than 1700 years today. As it is said Zhang Fei is in Lang after be being murdered Fan Jiang Zhang Da by the ministry, 2 people take go to somewhere for shelter of its chopped-off head east, go to Yun Yang, hear say Wu Shu become reconciled, abandon its chopped-off head in the river, to disembark to when one fishing old man fishs, be salvaged, bury Yu Feifeng the foot of a mountain, common people establishs temple to commemorate here, reason has Zhang Fei " the head is in Yun Yang, it is personally in Lang " say. Big brave of Zhang Fei cardinal principles of righteousness, it is people to revere, calendar year comes the traditional Chinese calendar masses of each district of 28 its birthday will come round to hold sacred folk-custom activity in succession in August, have certain dimensions and effect quite. Zhang Fei temple makes full use of landform landforms, according to hill cliff is faced river, landscape gardens and temple ancestral temple build one integrated mass, foil each other. Jue ladder path, Shiqiao fizzles out outside temple the scene field such as ancient wood of cliff of the trailing plants of Tan Teng of gully shedding, waterfall, Mao Ting that face a brook, high, elegant quiet and beautiful. Written guarantee the corridor of justice building, painting and calligraphy, main hall, cabinet that aid wind, Wang Yunxuan, cuckoo wells balanced inside temple, listen to the ancient building such as Tao Ting, layout alternate of rigorous, layer is strewn at random, original, already north builds magnificent bearing, again south builds pretty qualitative charm, more gardens add details to a painting, Zhu Mu sets off one another, a winding path leading to a secluded spot. Because this piece flies,temple element has " Ba Shusheng condition " good name. The other cultural relic since the carved stone since Zhang Fei temple still collects Han Tang, woodcarving, calligraphy and painting reachs period of new stone vessel more than 600 times more than 1000. Especially tablet of calligraphy and painting is engraved, hand of emperor of a person of academic or artistic distinction, genre confused is shown, each are gotten coquettish, many is domestic and international place is peculiar, have taller history, art and scientific research value, be like Chinese " Zhang Biao tablet " , bridge " the day faces tablet " , Huang Tingjian book " deep and remote Lan Fu " , Su Shi book " around Chibi is endowed with " , Yue Fei book " around gives a person of exemplary virtue " etc, have early consequently " piece ancestral temple metals and stone-a symbol of hardness and strength, armour Yu Shudong " view. So Zhang Fei temple has again " article alga resort " high reputation. The higher value as a result of landscape of nature of Zhang Fei temple and humanitarian landscape, was decided to be Sichuan 1980 provincial key cultural relic protects an unit, wide exclusively completely for city of the Chongqing inside area of 3 gorge library now the key scenery famous places and historical sites of complete change. Picture appreciationZhang Fei temple
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