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Chongqing · abundant ghost town

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Abundant the travel resort that ghost town is celebrated China and foreign countries. It is located in the axes of area of 3 gorge library and Chongqing city domain, control the communications center of aqueduct of gold of the Yangtse River, area of entire county the area of a country's territory 2901 square kilometer, administer 31 villages and towns, total population 780 thousand. It is the bright phearl that the Yangtse River brights on line of 3 gorge scenery one times. The place of a home to return to of the soul after the person is dead is here. "Ghost town " abundant the world is particular, renown hill is antediluvian wood is very tall, cloister is bristly, in Shi Ru of path of the celestial being in government office of giant shade Cao ground, numerous ghost illegallies or forcibly occupy all gods each temple, grade forbidding, each doing his own job and governing the ghostliness world in fokelore with legally constituted authority of exacting punishment high. Abundant " ghost town " , the tourist attraction is distinctive, connotation is rich, coronal absolutely in the world. Have countrywide key view scenic spot area, the Yangtse River area of 3 gorge scene hill of name of famous places and historical sites, have trends of country's biggest ghosts and gods palace of spirit of country of humanitarian landscape ghost; Have Shuang Guishan of park of national level forest, still can weighs the world most ghost king carved stone, chinese dimensions the Chinese grave with the biggest, maximum amount group, the Long He with exciting alarmingly dangerous is afloat, the park of forest of low height above sea level of 4 level ground with beautiful scenery rests moon is false... by " ghost town " after saying the person is dead, report for duty surely, and the person is in arrive before one's death " ghost town " go, will have good fortune full see strange absolutely landscape, the amorous feelings with individual thoughts and feelings, get an unforgettable all one's life enjoyment. The travel scene area of abundant capital basically is two hill, it is a hill, 2 it is Shuang Guishan. " makes the same score renown hill original name hill " , altitude 287.3 meters, area 0.45 square kilometer. Generation of Chinese of according to legend has back two people ever were in immortal, Wang Fangping early or late smooth hill is ascetic into celestial being, bai Rifei rises. Taoist school labels here one of " of ground of blessing of " hole day. Shuang Guishan is 401 meters tall, the area makes an appointment with 1 square kilometer. Its scenery is beautiful, greenery is dense, chan of running water Chan, a winding path leading to a secluded spot, build ancestral temple of temple of Confucian temple, Lu Ming, Su Gong, Yu Mingquan waits for pavilion spring pool. Still build the " grace that commemorative week favor comes to well balanced " , the " that commemorates Liu Baicheng one's early years denounces Yuan to protect a country in abundant protects national booth " , the " of " He Longting that commemorates He Long. Ghost town abundant with its long history, distinctive culture connotation, magical fokelore, elegant scene views and admire value with what replace hard, the carrier of ghost culture research of rare and distinctive fountainhead, the Oriental god beautiful that shows a mystery to tourist of China and foreign countries. Abundant " ghost town " it is people build by the imagination " government office of shade Cao De " , people by the imagination, the legal mechanism that uses similar world builds early or late " Palace of Hell " , " danger sopt " , " bound of yin and yang " , " 18 hell " wait for a series of Acheron orgnaizations. The figure of ghosts and gods of each toll-gate is 1000 appearance 100 condition, extraordinary is eccentric. Terrorize of instruments of torture extremely, shudder. Abundant Dou Xueyu hole is current domestic and international the youngest stalactite grows model cave, it is world place infrequent, development the flowstone of diversity of perfect, configuration kind burrow cave shield, the of 80% stalactite inside the hole " whiteness is like snow, qualitative pure be like jade " . Snow Yu Dongquan is 1644 meters long, up and down in all three-layer, cent is area of 6 great respect: Group world of Ying Hui a gathering of things or people, sky, step by step scene of uprise, northland, Lou Yuyu fining jade, future is like bright and beautiful. Among them world-class marvellous spectacle has everywhere: It is the dimensions on the world the tower coral with the biggest, maximum amount is spent group, 2 it is glittering and translucent get rid of shows the world's greatest Shi Qi king, 3 it is snow jade penguin, it is the king of the cave shield with all world at present medium burrow, 4 it is to be proud snow accompanies frost, of density house world most goose is in charge of group, other absolutely scene reach tens of point, can view and admire landscape to reach 100 more than point. Picture appreciationAbundant ghost town
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